6 October 2013

Sunday Snaps!

 photo 6thoct_zps1ccd0fc5.png

1. A beautiful Amesbury sunset... we are lucky enough to see these most evenings just out the back of the house / 2. A little selfie with a sleepy Gizmo! / 3. Cute little paper packaging at work! / 4. Me at Tony and Guy getting my 'new hair' - such an attractive image. / 5. 'Can I come in please?' - How can you resist this little face? / 6. The new 'do', well, my hair a couple of shades darker anyway! / 7. This is a bit Gizmo heavy this week, apologies! It's just that everything she does is cute! / 8. I was happily eating away, then this happened! / 9. Last one people, last one!


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