12 October 2013

Pumpkins don't have to be scary...

With Halloween just around the corner and pumpkins everywhere in stores I thought I would show you what we will be having in our home this Halloween.

Now, usually we stick with something a little more traditional, cutting scary shapes, faces and scenes out of said pumpkin, but this year I thought I would try something a bit more girly and pretty.

I am not going to type in a 'step by step' guide because it really is very easy (hopefully the photos will help!) - use your creativity and any odds and ends you have around the house to make them look like beautiful little pumpkins! 

On mine, as you can see, I used white, acrylic paint, to add the background colour and the used a stencil of a heart, with PVA glue to place 'glitter hearts' all over using left over glitter I had lying around. The cut out, on the second pumpkin, was done by free hand drawing and then just covered in PVA and white glitter. Simples!

The world is your oyster, get decorating your pumpkins!

PS: If you are arranging them in a little group for a Halloween party or something similar it may be nice to get some of those really, really small ones and either spray them in gold or silver or paint them to work in with the others!



  1. Purchased the Rimmel stay matte foundation and Nivea Primer , thankyou, both very good products, they do what they say. Also love your Pumkins.

    1. Glad you like the foundation and primer! They are really good :-)


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