25 October 2013

Loving, Needing, Meh! #18

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This week I have been LOVING:
  • Getting back on the 'healthy, clean eating, wagon'! As you may have seen from this blog post, I have been feeling a bit on the lazy side, although my lazy and someone elses may be two very different things! Because of this, I decided to smarten up my act a bit in terms of nutrition (not that is was terrible) and up my game when training. I am an 'all or nothing girl', and so, in true Lucy style, totally went for it this week. I have increased my water intake and started back on my supplements (post to come on that) and wrote myself a training programme to give me focus. So far, I am loving it, and, thanks to a variety of exercised focused YouTube videos, I am staying very motivated! I have even started my own little vlog so will be uploading weekly (as of this weekend) so check it out!
  • The countdown to half term. As you may already be aware, especially if you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, we are off to Edinburgh for a few days, and I could not be more excited! Have to sit down this evening and try and work out where we want to go. So far, I know that I would like to go to the castle and on a vaults tour late at night! Scary but fun! We will do a vlog on our trip too so look out for that on my YouTube Channel.
  • Almost forgot to mention a new blogging love! Thanks to Estee, from super-amazing blog 'Essie Button'  I learnt about a brand new blogging magazine called 'Blogosphere', it is really great and inspiring if you are into blogging for lifestyle, food, beauty etc...you can buy it HERE. You can see Estee talk about her feature by clicking HERE.
This week I have been NEEDING:
  • On the subject of my new health kick...I really want to start swimming (I haven't been for donkey's years) - but I can only do breast-stroke so really want to book a couple of lessons to teach me how to front crawl effectively... I have a whole 'need to wear my contact lenses to see' fiasco going on in my head though! Oh the politics! The thing is, I go to this amazing gym where they have all these facilities but I don't use the pool! A) because I am self conscious - which reminds me, I also don't have a swimming costume! B) because I don't think there's any point getting in the pool unless I can have a good cardio workout, which brings us back to the swimming lessons... oh my.
This weeks MEH!:
  • Yesterday I found out that my cat had to be put down. A huge 'Meh' and I feel very, very sad about it, but he was a poorly little soldier for a while so I am glad he will now be at peace. I miss him every day, poor little Hobbs.


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