31 October 2013

A Little Jaunt to Edinburgh: Day One

Recently I have been a very lucky girl. I was treated to a city break to Edinburgh, a city I have been dying to visit for a long old time. It's appeal stretches further than the obvious tourist attractions; I was excited to see the amazing architecture and the beautiful landscape, mixed with the usual city vibe. I was not disappointed at all.

With the big storm cancelling our first flight to Edinburgh on Monday morning, we finally got on a late afternoon flight, from Heathrow T5. We decided to keep a little vlog to document our trip, so here we have it, day one, the journey to Edinburgh! (I am sorry if this seems boring to you, but I was so excited and I have to document everything!). Part Two - Edinburgh Day Two will be up very soon! Stay tuned!

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26 October 2013

Health & Fitness Vlog: Week One!

As I mentioned in the 'Introduction' to my new vlogs the other day, I am on a bit of a health kick. I keep saying 'I am healthy as a rule', and this is very true, but there is always room for improvement! I am an all or nothing type of girl so if I fall off the wagon I fall hard! So, with the festive season creeping up on us I am good to start upping the anti on the nutrition and fitness.

I find it easier to stick to a routine if I am logging it in some way, sometimes I keep a training diary or a chart on the wall but this time I have decided to vlog and blog! It is a brave move and it will get more 'involved' as we go on but I am starting with baby steps, and here is my first video:

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25 October 2013

Loving, Needing, Meh! #18

 photo image25_zpsa5f4f9d8.jpeg

This week I have been LOVING:
  • Getting back on the 'healthy, clean eating, wagon'! As you may have seen from this blog post, I have been feeling a bit on the lazy side, although my lazy and someone elses may be two very different things! Because of this, I decided to smarten up my act a bit in terms of nutrition (not that is was terrible) and up my game when training. I am an 'all or nothing girl', and so, in true Lucy style, totally went for it this week. I have increased my water intake and started back on my supplements (post to come on that) and wrote myself a training programme to give me focus. So far, I am loving it, and, thanks to a variety of exercised focused YouTube videos, I am staying very motivated! I have even started my own little vlog so will be uploading weekly (as of this weekend) so check it out!
  • The countdown to half term. As you may already be aware, especially if you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, we are off to Edinburgh for a few days, and I could not be more excited! Have to sit down this evening and try and work out where we want to go. So far, I know that I would like to go to the castle and on a vaults tour late at night! Scary but fun! We will do a vlog on our trip too so look out for that on my YouTube Channel.
  • Almost forgot to mention a new blogging love! Thanks to Estee, from super-amazing blog 'Essie Button'  I learnt about a brand new blogging magazine called 'Blogosphere', it is really great and inspiring if you are into blogging for lifestyle, food, beauty etc...you can buy it HERE. You can see Estee talk about her feature by clicking HERE.
This week I have been NEEDING:
  • On the subject of my new health kick...I really want to start swimming (I haven't been for donkey's years) - but I can only do breast-stroke so really want to book a couple of lessons to teach me how to front crawl effectively... I have a whole 'need to wear my contact lenses to see' fiasco going on in my head though! Oh the politics! The thing is, I go to this amazing gym where they have all these facilities but I don't use the pool! A) because I am self conscious - which reminds me, I also don't have a swimming costume! B) because I don't think there's any point getting in the pool unless I can have a good cardio workout, which brings us back to the swimming lessons... oh my.
This weeks MEH!:
  • Yesterday I found out that my cat had to be put down. A huge 'Meh' and I feel very, very sad about it, but he was a poorly little soldier for a while so I am glad he will now be at peace. I miss him every day, poor little Hobbs.


23 October 2013

May all be 'berry' and bright!

 photo revlonreview_zps731fdf6c.png

Each autumn/winter I look for the perfect berry lip shade and usually give up, having had far too many 'Goldilocks' moments! I either find that the shades are too purple or too black in tone, and, at my age, I really don't want to look like a Rocky Horror reject.

I recently saved up some Boots points and thought 'right, come on Carter, get your butt to Boots and find yourself this lipstick! So, off I trotted, and, to my amazement, actually found one! Hurrah!

My chosen lipstick is by Revlon. It is their Colourstay 'Ultimate Suede Lipstick' in the shade 'Couture'. Coming in at £8.99 (or free to me thanks to my points!) it is not the cheapest of the cheap but hey, when you have looked for the perfect berry shade as long as I have it is all good! 

The 'suede' lipstick collection has had mixed reviews, from what I have seen on YouTube and blogs, but, from what I have experienced so far it seems really lovely. My needs from a winter lippy are not the easiest. I want something that will last, but not dry my lips (so matte shades are kind of out) yet I don't want something so glossy that my hair sticks to it or it slips about. This formula seems to do the job for me. It claims to give you moisture and wear and contains Shea Butter and Aloe to help achieve that perfect balance.

I have no doubt that this lippy will appear in a video soon so I will let you know how it wears. 

Naturally, you can't go to Boots and leave with one thing, so I may have accidentally brought a Revlon Nail Enamel too! I threw away a polish yesterday that I loved so much that I used it all up, so clearly needed to buy another one! I opted for a slightly different shade and am pleased I did as it is gorgeous! 

I treated myself to Revlon's Classic Nail Enamel in 'Vixen', £4.49. It is a beautifully rich plum shade that is super glossy and wonderful to apply. I saw several other colours which I instantly fell in love with too but had to restrain myself as I had already spent my points! 

There are some seriously beautiful and tempting things in my favourite store right now so definitely time to save some pennies for Christmas!!

Let me know if you have tried any of the two products I have mentioned and tell me what you thought! Send me a Tweet @lucycarterart or 'Like' my Facebook Page - come and have a chat! 


22 October 2013

Pre-Christmas Health Clean Up!

 photo Justdoit_zpsc1c2aa13.png
Image sourced from Pinterest / Original source

Not that anyone needs to use Christmas as an excuse, but admit it, we all seem to want to clean up our act pre-Christmas! I haven't been doing too badly, but there is plenty of room for improvement. With a busy schedule it has been easy to slip into the routine of not getting to the gym as much or not finding the energy to cook a healthier meal...

I have decided to start a little vlog, perhaps uploaded once per week, to record progress on the cleaner 'diet' and exercise. This is just a record for me really, however, if it helps anyone else then that's great!

Nutrition has always been my battle as I have always been super busy and then exhausted at the end of the day so reluctant to cook. I am now giving myself a kick up the butt and going for it! There is no excuse to moan if you are not trying your best! That is my new saying, so wish me luck...

PS: I will post my videos individually as and when they come out but the best way to stay up to date is to just subscribe to my YouTube channel, if you are not a member of YouTube it really is super easy... you don't have to make videos - but you can just save the channels you like so you don't have to search for them! Go on, give it a try!


19 October 2013

'You Beauty Box' / Direct Cosmetics Mini Haul!

I have recently brought a couple of samples from Latest in Beauty, if you haven't tried them, you should! As a new subscriber you get to choose three free samples, but you can purchase more if you see something you like! They also put together special boxes with certain themes, like 'new mums' and 'editors picks'. It was through their subscribers email that I discovered the new beauty box doing the rounds. It is called 'You Beauty Discovery' and costs just £6.95 per month (including P & P) to subscribe. You can pick two high end samples from their list and sometimes they will throw in added extras too!

Rather than do a long-winded post about the box I thought I would film a short video so you can see what I got this month and get a feel for how it works.

I also wanted to do a mini haul from Direct Cosmetics. I usually turn to Fragrance Direct for cheaper, basic cosmetics or nail varnish (they do cheap Essie polishes too). You have to take a chance with these sort of websites that they have what you need but usually you can find a bargain! 

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this short video! I am planning on a few others so please subscribe to my YouTube Channel to be the first to hear!


Loving, Needing, Meh! #17

 photo image24_zpsd7107d7c.jpeg

This week I am LOVING:
  • The return of my, intellectually stimulating, favourite programmes, Made in Chelsea and TOWIE! I know, I know!! To be honest, I may drop away from MIC soon as they just make me super mad but TOWIE is a lot more light-hearted, it makes me laugh - what more could I ask for when I have had a long day and feel tired?!
  • A yummy brunch discovery... scrambled eggs and chorizo. Oh my, it is amazing. I try and keep it healthy by not using any oil to cook the chorizo, it doesn't need it, just has its own natural fats to cook and then I dab off as much of the oil afterwards. It is so good! I have been buying the best one I can afford, which, rather handily, has been on an offer in Tescos... thank you Mr Tesco, we are finally talking the same language! 
This week I am NEEDING:
  • To get Christmas-ready! This Winter there is all manner of important things happening. I have two people in my life who are reaching important birthdays (numbers and people shall remain nameless!). Plus it is not long to go until a little person comes along (not mine!), and then there is Christmas. Oh boy. My bank cards have already up and left! I have sworn to try and start getting a few odds and ends ready... insert worried face here [___________]!
This weeks MEH!:
  • This week!


17 October 2013

Smoky Eye Make Up Look

If you watch my YouTube Channel you may be pleased to hear that I am saving (albeit slowly) for a new camera. I am doing my very best with my limited resources at the moment, we'll get there, but thank you so so much for staying with me! In the meantime, thank you for watching my videos and reading my blog, you're so appreciated, you really are.

Anyway, enough of the cheesy times! This little video is a Smoky Eye look using my £4.00 MUA eye-shadow palette. The sun was going in and out like no tomorrow so hopefully you will be able to see it and get the gist! 

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14 October 2013

Top Pins!

I have a real love of Pinterest and have done since I discovered it just over a year ago. As a teenager I used to cut out everything I loved from magazines and stick them in A5 notebooks. I recently stumbled upon them during a clearout and realised then what a great idea Pinterest really is! (Not to mention a space saver!)

I like to do monthly 'Top Pins' if I can, usually themed around something I have been really enjoying looking at that specific month. Last month I did this one, on my favourite hairstyles, and earlier on in the year this one, on things for the garden, but the month of October has seen a focus on 'Home Style' type pins. A new home can really bring that out in you!  So, here they are, my top picks for this month!
 photo HomeStylePins_zps6806a4b7.png
1Lots of coloured pots on the shelves of this room add a really colourful pop and a stamp of style. Collections, such as this, that get displayed together often look really stylish, plus it is a very fast way to add a centre point to your room (providing you're not too desperate for space as these shelves take up plenty of much needed book space!) / 2. I just adore this cute little Side Table (with green painted legs) - it is really different and it would be easy to make changes to items around your house or cheap pieces from second hand stores using this technique / 3. Various glass jars and vases make up this beautiful collection.  / 4. This Bookcase (with yellow paint) is similar in idea to the side table with green painted legs - a small change to a piece of furniture can make such an impact! /  5. This patterned chair, with random cushions, is something I would really like to brighten up my lounge - I like a random piece like this to inject colour and vibrancy into a room /  6. Purple is one of my favourite colours so this Vibrant purple table with world map wall really caught my eye. The wall is a real feature, I love it! /  7. You may have noticed from my blog that I kind of like hearts! This heart throw would be ideal to add to the back of the sofa for those winter evenings when you just want to pop your pj's on and snuggle up with a good movie! / 8. I love the use of colour in this room and the way the art is hung too, it looks interesting as a whole piece as well as individual pieces. 

12 October 2013

Pumpkins don't have to be scary...

With Halloween just around the corner and pumpkins everywhere in stores I thought I would show you what we will be having in our home this Halloween.

Now, usually we stick with something a little more traditional, cutting scary shapes, faces and scenes out of said pumpkin, but this year I thought I would try something a bit more girly and pretty.

I am not going to type in a 'step by step' guide because it really is very easy (hopefully the photos will help!) - use your creativity and any odds and ends you have around the house to make them look like beautiful little pumpkins! 

On mine, as you can see, I used white, acrylic paint, to add the background colour and the used a stencil of a heart, with PVA glue to place 'glitter hearts' all over using left over glitter I had lying around. The cut out, on the second pumpkin, was done by free hand drawing and then just covered in PVA and white glitter. Simples!

The world is your oyster, get decorating your pumpkins!

PS: If you are arranging them in a little group for a Halloween party or something similar it may be nice to get some of those really, really small ones and either spray them in gold or silver or paint them to work in with the others!


11 October 2013

Loving, Needing, Meh! #16

 photo lovingneeding5_zpsed938a80.png

This week I am LOVING:
  • The song 'Sail', by Awolnation - not my usual taste in music but for some reason it got stuck in my head and I really like it! The video, which I hadn't watched until trying to link it here, is a bit strange, but hell, who cares! It rocks!
  • 'Direct Cosmetics' - similar to 'Fragrance Direct' in that it has some beauty bits and bobs for much less than you would find them for on the high-street. I am going to do a little 'Haul' video soon, which include some of their stuff keep your eyes peeled on my YouTube Channel!
This week I am NEEDING:
  • A life-coach! Do you ever ask yourself, 'When did life get so busy?'. My organisation skills, which I pride myself on at work, seem to leave the building when I get home! It is only temporary I know, but I need to get a hold on it before I drown under a pile of clothes and craft materials! The picture I have used today really illustrates my messiness! Look at that desk for heavens sake! Nuff said!
This weeks 'MEH!':
  • I have really been through the mill this week. I have been clumsy, I have almost been haphazardly 'murdered' by a dozy woman on the M3 who doesn't understand the concept of wing-mirrors and I have received emails that have shocked me to my very core (other than that it has been a fab week!!). Still the weekend to go - all will be well!


8 October 2013

Autumn Wish List

Now that the season has well and truly changed I can't help but long for a shopping spree (or two!). Here are a few of my 'top picks' for the Autumn:

 photo Autumn-Wish-list_zps4ae5c701.png

1. Parka £75.00 from Next / 2. Hydraluron Moisture Booster £24.99 from Boots / 3. Blusher in ‘Sweet Cheeks’ £9.99 from Sleek / 4. Nail Polish in ‘Moment in Time’ £7.50 from Liz Earle / 5. Blue T:Shirt £15.99 from Zara / 6. Black Leather Boot £69.99 from Clarks 7. Bobble Hat (in hat and scarf set) £20 from Next / 8. Perfume ‘Molecule 01’ £27.00 for 30ml from Liberty / 9. Square Cut Grey Sweater £45.99 from Zara  / 10. Leggings £19.99 from Zara


7 October 2013

What I love about Autumn...

 photo i-love-autumn_zpse7017c19.png

1. The changes in colours. The contrast of the bright blue sky (which we sometimes get in October) and the vibrant red and orange leaves is phenomenal.

2. Cosy time. Whether you are wrapped up in layers and enjoying a coffee in a gorgeous cafe somewhere, or tucked up on the sofa at home, there is nothing like getting all snuggled up as the weather turns!

3. Nostalgia. Remember that feeling in your stomach when you were a child? You know the one, that magical feeling right before the build up to Christmas - when all the Halloween and Bonfire Night decorations go up in the shops and you start to feel excited? I still get that! It makes me feel all gooey inside and want to start buying glittery things and fairy lights...watch out world!

4. Food. I always love food but at this time of year you can make home made soups with chunky pieces of veg and enjoy stews that warm you right up and make your nose run! I start thinking about baking Christmas treats or spooky Halloween biscuits for the trick or treaters!

5. Hats and Gloves. I like a hat in Winter and I am on the lookout for a lovely bobble hat this year, a big, fluffy bobble in-fact. I enjoy being well wrapped up in layers, with a big, warm coat and a long, knitted scarf all topped off with a hat and some mitten gloves.

6. Pampering. This time of year makes me want to take a bit more care of myself. Moisturising hair masks, rich body creams and nourishing face serum's, all building up my body's resistance to the harsher temperatures to come.

7. Family films and Christmas specials! Am I the only one cracking out the Christmas specials in October? No? Thought not! TV wise for me it has to be the Gavin and Stacey Christmas Special - it is so realistic and really cheers me up! If I want a good Christmassy film then I turn to 'Love Actually' for a bit of romance, 'Mary Poppins' for a reminder of childhood and 'The Nativity' for a more contemporary and heart warming classic. Can't beat 'em!

8. Fun times with friends and family. It used to be a tradition to have a full on BBQ on Christmas Eve in our house. I remember, one year, my dad thought that adding fireworks to the mox would be really festive... that was the year an umbrella saved our lives...

9. Baby's first Christmas. This Autumn my bestie is having a bean!! Exciting times. I hope to be an unofficial 'Auntie'. I can't wait for baby's first Christmas.

10. Christmas magazines! You know what I am talking about! All the samples in November and December issues hypnotising you to buy buy buy me! Not to mention the sparkly things inside the pages and luxurious winter clothes with mixtures of beautiful wools and silks - so romantic...


6 October 2013

Sunday Snaps!

 photo 6thoct_zps1ccd0fc5.png

1. A beautiful Amesbury sunset... we are lucky enough to see these most evenings just out the back of the house / 2. A little selfie with a sleepy Gizmo! / 3. Cute little paper packaging at work! / 4. Me at Tony and Guy getting my 'new hair' - such an attractive image. / 5. 'Can I come in please?' - How can you resist this little face? / 6. The new 'do', well, my hair a couple of shades darker anyway! / 7. This is a bit Gizmo heavy this week, apologies! It's just that everything she does is cute! / 8. I was happily eating away, then this happened! / 9. Last one people, last one!


5 October 2013

September Favourites

October has crept up on us, so it is time for a little video to round up the bits and bobs I have been using the most in September. I enjoy watching other Youtubers 'favourites' videos as they are good for product recommendations and therefore money saving devices really!! 

I hope you enjoy my version of a favourites gathering - I am looking forward to doing my October favourites as I love Autumn and Winter for the change of make up and things we use to keep all moisturised and soft through the cold months! To be the first to hear about a new video please subscribed to my YouTube Channel 'From Lucy With Love Blog'. If you don't have a Youtube account (so therefore cannot subscribe) please do think about creating one - it is super quick and easy and you don't need to give many details at all. Having an account enables you to keep all the channels you enjoy in one place and you can simply click 'my subscriptions' to see all the latest uploads! Easy!

Anyway, here is my latest video, please comment, 'like', subscribe etc and/or get in touch via Twitter or Facebook to have a chat! 


4 October 2013

Loving, Needing, Meh! #15

 photo image21_zpsc7f54a31.jpeg

This week I am LOVING:
  • Random websites and blogs. I found this one on Tuesday and think it is cute and funny - I know there are probably a fair few out there but this one made me smile!
  • Dream shopping for a new camera. I am really getting into filming for YouTube and, currently, only use my iPhone. It was only meant to be a start to see if I even like it but I do, I reeeaaaalllly do! So, I have been looking at some online (from some YouTuber recommendations!) and love these two the most: Sony NEX-5R and the more affordable Sony CX 280 - I guess it depends how far 'into' it I want to go. Some bloggers use all sorts of fancy lighting and softening lenses etc but I am never going to be able to afford that so I am happy podding along with a basic set up. The only thing is I am not sure what editing suite I could use on my laptop - I am sure I could work it out though. I currently use iMovie on my phone which is pretty cute for an App! I need to win the lottery...
  • Facebook randomness. This week, pretty much every FB conversation I have got involved with has turned into a 'crazy talk' session. I have been sat at home, trying to do something constructive with my evening, like update HTML for this blog, and instead of focusing I have found myself in (much needed) hysterics! You guys know who you are, you nutters! (PS: join in the madness by 'Liking' my Facebook Page).
This week I am NEEDING:
  • To complete DIY! We have an unfinished bathroom to add a mirror and towel rack to (then it will be all mine, mmwa ha ha!!). Plus the damn chest of drawers still needs one more coat of varnish. The problem with this is that is all needs to be done in between cat visits or else it will be a hairy chest (!) of drawers!!
This weeks 'MEH!':
  • Spiders! I can't and won't kill them, but my word - they are EVERYWHERE!! I know it is 'that time of year' but it is a nightmare. I feel them in the room before I see them - it is like every single one of their beady eyes is on me...


2 October 2013

Make Up Look - Liquid Eyeliner and Red Lip

I am really enjoying doing this whole YouTube thing you know! So much so I recorded another 'Make Up Look' for you last weekend, which you can now see/link to below.

This is a 'look' (I feel a bit stupid calling it that!) that I wear fairly frequently, although I may tone down the lip for daytime. I think that a bit of simple 'winged' liner can really add something to your face and define the eyes beautifully.

I really hope you like it. If you want to see something specific please contact me in the comments box on the blog or over on my YouTube Channel, or you can Tweet me @lucycarterart. I enjoy playing around with make up so am more than open to any offers that you guys may want to see me do!

Please head over to my Facebook page too and hit the 'Like' button - I put a lot of everyday ramblings on there and early videos and posts too so that is the best place to be! Have a chat with me over there too!

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