2 September 2013

Top Pins!

Do you use Pinterest? If not then you certainly need to get yourself on their sharpish! A new regular feature for my blog will be these 'Top Pins' posts which will be themed each time depending on what I fancy talking about! If you already follow me on the Pinterest page then you will know I have a wide variety of boards, anything from beauty and space to work-spaces and food... so you are guaranteed to find something you like at some point! I have done a Pinterest post before on Gardening so please have a look at that too!

Today's topic is hair. Up-do's, down-do's...hair-do's! If you like this feature please do comment below or follow me on Pinterest to stay up to date and let's share our interests.

 photo Updos_zps3605ea94.png
(Where possible I have linked to the original pin origin, where this was not possible I have linked to my own pin),

1. I love this beautiful, slightly messy up-do. My hair isn't long enough for this upside down braid and knot but I can compromise! / 2. Bun with braid. I do this look quite a lot for training as the braid keeps my shorter layers out of the way, quite a sweet way to jazz up a bun. / 3. Half-up braided crown. Once again, my hair is nowhere near long enough but I think this is really pretty. / 4. High top-knot, so cute. / 5. Beachy side knot. The link shows you a step-by-step guide to this style which is lovely. I like the beachy style of this and the fact that it is not perfectly 'done'. / 6. An alternative pretty braid. Another tutorial on the link! Sweet 'scruffy' braid.

What are your favourite styles? Do you have any suggestions for easy up-do's for shoulder length hair? Post a link or comment below or perhaps link up with me on Pinterest and 'share' your hair pins (see what I did there!).


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