22 September 2013

Sunday Snaps!

 photo 22ndSeptember_zps715c78fd.png

1. There seems an awful lot of food on this weeks 'snaps' - this yummy delight is from Saturday's jaunt to Salisbury. We went to Wagamama for some dinner and then I got 'dragged' into Boston Tea Party to get some take away! (if you can class 'dragged' as my idea!) / 2. My super gorgeous curry in Wagamama - can't remember what it was called but it was incredible! / 3. A little Gizmo selfie! / 4. This was a still from a YouTube video which goes live on my channel on Wednesday 25th September - please subscribe! I have a few videos so far, just beauty bits and bobs, so if that's your thing please check it out! / 5. A yummy fresh juice - mango, orange and apple! / 6. New poached egg cooking things! Makes it so much easier for me! / 7. Clay heart making cutters - been making batches for Christmas Craft Markets! / 8. Here are some fresh out of the oven! I will be adding a gloss, protective varnish this week. They are for sale too, some basic information is on my Facebook Page - more to follow! / 9. Just a silly moment - that's all!

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