8 September 2013

Sunday Snaps!

 photo 8thSeptember_zpse928cb1a.png
1. Me sporting the latest in mud mask by Botanics - how very fetching! / 2. After a little trip to the garden centre for a wander about (impossible!), we discovered the daffodil and spring bulb section - I was beyond excited...may have brought something, please refer to photo no:9! / 3. Can't remember what these are called but they look ruddy awesome all lined up, like mini cabbages. / 4. I brought this for someone special - love it. / 5. Look at this view! Stormy skies over Amesbury way. / 6. Can't believe my iphone took this! I have never seen a butterfly like this before, so beautiful. / 7. More Wiltshire skies. / 8. Lovely pressie from a lovely lady. / 9. Slipped and fell and brought some daff's and stuff! Excited!!


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