11 September 2013


The last couple of days have been quite Autumnal haven't they? The heating was clicked on in our house just to take the edge off the chill at night and it felt quite festive - yep, that's right, I am thinking of Christmas! When I was putting on my make-up, and trying to choose a lipstick, I realised that I am the proud owner of an awful lot of coral - when I say coral, I mean bright, orangey coral - summer coral. Shall I say 'coral' again or do you get it?!

Anyhoo! I made the fatal mistake of going into a place that sold make-up to kill some time and ended up making a few purchases as there was a 3 for 2 across all brands (heaven on a stick!) and I grabbed a couple of red items. Now, I adore the colour red, I think that, in the right shade, red is so classic and flattering, especially on the lips and nails (where else would you put it?!).

I wandered about looking for a more wintery red, something a bit less bright then I have in my collection and I found Rimmels 'Moisture Renew Lipstick' in Diva Red. What I found when swatching some of the others was that they were too matt in texture. I don't know about you but as it gets colder I find that I need lip balm a bit more so matt lipsticks can sit in all the dry areas and you may as well have a big arrow pointing at your face saying 'look! this is what winter does to my lips!'. That is why I opted for the moisturising variety! What I like about a good, rich, red lip is that you can pile it on for a more 'Hollywood' glamour look, or blot it right back to create a stain or even pop some vaseline over the top for a balm with more staying power.

 photo Red_zps2d1b07c1.png
Along side this purchase I also couldn't resist another one of my favourite nail polishes by L'Oreal, in the shade 'Scarlet Vamp'. Unfortunately these nail polishes only come in small bottles, which for £4.99 each, could be considered bad value for money. However, I really, really like these. The quality is really good and the way they go on is fab too. Most of the time with nail polish you end up wasting some as it goes gloopy so a smaller bottle isn't necessarily a bad thing!

Lastly, my free product was the new 'Stay Matte Foundation' by Rimmel. I brought a magazine last week that had a sample of this in it. Now, usually with samples they are at least one shade too dark for me but this one was a perfect fit. What surprised me about this product was how little you need and how it actually works! Usually I find that products that claim to mattify my skin simply give up after an hour but this was amazing. When I tried it out we had friends coming over so I was cooking for ages in a hot kitchen and then spending a whole night in a warm environment where I would normally need to reapply powder or blot my skin. I didn't have to do that at all. So after that success I thought I would purchase this! It is only £5.99 which usually I would avoid for thinking it was cheap and cheerful, but for my skin it worked. It goes on as a medium to full coverage and feels light in texture. If you suffer from an oily t-zone then give it a go - at the price you can afford to try it! (or buy Glamour magazine and get the sample!)

There you have it then, a mini haul for you! If you try any of these products let me know what you think. I will do more of a review on a YouTube video soon.


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