15 September 2013

No Bake Energy Bites

I have been trying to find a simple recipe for a healthy, or healthier, treat and stumbled across a few which sounded yummy. I have combined a few to make these 'No Bake Energy Bites'. They may not be super-duper healthy but, unlike flapjacks, there is no butter or additional sugar added. You need syrup - so, yes, there is sugar, but you can also use honey instead. Preparation time was only about 5 minutes, over all they took about 20 minutes to make. They are super nice too, so keep reading if you like what you hear so far!

Here is what you need (feel free to add or take away some of the ingredients e.g. raisins, choc chips):
- 1 cup of oats
- 2/3 cup of coconut flakes
- 1/2 cup of peanut butter
- 2/3 cup of raisins
- 1/2 cup of dark chocolate chips
- 1/3 cup of maple syrup/golden syrup or honey 
- 1 tsp of vanilla extract

You could also add crushed nuts and seeds if you want - you can really chuck in whatever you fancy but will just need to adjust the amount of syrup/honey you use to make it sticky enough.

For the measurements I just used a normal sized mug - just use the same one to measure everything out!

How to make:
Simply put all the ingredients into a bowl and mix together. The consistency should be thick and a bit sticky. If it feels too dry and doesn't appear to be sticking together just add more honey/syrup. Place in the fridge for 30 minutes and then ball up. Store in an airtight container for up to 7 days - that's all folks!


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