20 September 2013

Loving, Needing, Meh! #13

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This week I am LOVING:
  • My new red Zara bag! I am sure it will appear on here at some stage - I have had the same handbag for literally donkeys years (and I still love it!). However, my shiny new one is a Zara 'basic' messenger bag and it is gorgeous! I got it from eBay as it is last seasons stock but I am now the proud owner of two bags!! (GASP!)
  • Looking forward. It is only 5 weeks until a fabulous trip to the city of Edinburgh! Beyond excited! I will definitely vlog whilst there!
  • 'Educating Leeds' on Channel 4. I think, when you work in a school, you can appreciate the environment so much more. I find this programme quite amusing as you do get the stereotypical characters they are focusing on in schools. It is shown on Thursday evenings at 9pm on Channel 4 - check it out!
This week I am NEEDING:
  • A Mac computer and a better video camera! I currently only film my YouTube videos on my iphone and use the App 'iMovie' to edit, but it has its restrictions. I am really into it but want to do more in the way of editing and don't want to have to delete everything on my phone to make way for a video over 10 minutes long! Rar!! The perils of technology! (I seem to want an awful lot of expensive technology these days!)
  • A 'Get Together'. I feel like I need a good night out with friends at the moment - I want to get dressed up and go out and have a spontaneous night of foolery! (I don't really drink so I am not talking about getting 'bungalowed' here!). I can't wait to see shiny Christmas dresses in the shops and to be able to wear jumpers with sequins on! Oh my, what a magpie I am!
This weeks 'MEH!':
  • I ordered some blackboard paint off eBay on 6th September and it hasn't arrived. I am not blaming the seller as they have been lovely, and are re-sending, but I have a little whiteboard where I plan my month of blog posts (yes, believe it or not there is some sort of method to this madness!) and I have been totally thrown off by the lack of blackboard paint for a couple of craft projects. I know it is readily available in the shops BUT not as cheap as eBay!!! Grrr!


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