13 September 2013

Loving, Needing, Meh! #12

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This week I am LOVING:
  • Rediscoveries. This week I have been sorting through things that haven't been with me for a few years and I had forgotten about some things completely. Little china bowls from galleries, arty books I have had for years and years and some old birthday cards from my parents from significant birthdays. A bit of a trip down memory lane.
  • Thinking about festivities! At work I am organising the 3rd, or is it the 4th 'Twilight Christmas Market' event, an annual Christmas Shopping evening. What with that and planning some October half term family fun events, themed around Halloween and Bonfire Night, I am feeling rather festive and have that nice warm feeling inside that I usually reserve for the run up to Christmas. I am also planning some craft things for the blog for families who want to make some easy Halloween decorations etc with their children so it is all going on! Exciting!
  • Healthy times! I have returned to Box Bell Fit this week and feel better for it. I have also not allowed myself to stray off the healthy wagon (within sensible reason!) and have drunk more water so I hope to start seeing that all kick in soon.
This week I am NEEDING:
  • A blender! Random, I know, but I am looking at some recipes featured in THIS book and need to get myself sorted with the means to create these healthy foods! I have wanted one for quite a substantial amount of time so need to get on the case - I can't wait until Christmas!
This weeks 'MEH!':
  • Online shopping delivery. If you are friends with me on Facebook I apologise for a bit more whinging about this but honestly, I have never known anything like it! A certain clothing shop, who I am thinking should remain nameless or I may be arrested (can that happen?!) has so far taken over 2 weeks to dispatch my items. I was warned by my bestie that they are not terrific, but thought it couldn't be that bad or that perhaps she had experienced a little misfortune, but no, she was right. In my excitement I was checking back regularly for my parcels whereabouts and yesterday I finally saw a little note that said it had left the mothership and was heading to a delivery van. I have waited all this time and now it will be delivered, to work, on a Friday...when I don't work. Fan-bloody-tastic.


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