2 September 2013

Loving, Needing, Meh! #10

This weeks 'Loving, Needing, Meh!' is a few days late, apologies for that peeps - life has been somewhat hectic and is currently being restored to normal...

This week I am LOVING:
  • September! Ok, ok, I admit it, I am not summers biggest fan, but I love autumn, and it is coming round the corner! The picture above is of a jumper I brought recently and I love it - can't wait to see the changing of the leaves, feel the chill in the air and get that bobbly jumper on my bones!
  • My new 'Models Own' nail polish in Blueberry Muffin. I have searched for the perfect light blue shade and now it is mine, mmwa ha haaaaa!
This week I am NEEDING:
  • A spa break. Long story, nuff said.
  • To get spring ready - in the garden sense! September means I can plant things that will pop up their pretty heads in the spring time. I have some beautiful poppy's, and am looking for some daffodils to plant very soon because spring just is not spring without daffodils.
This weeks MEH!:
  • Towel fluff. Seriously! New towels, how long do they need to 'fluff' everywhere for...it gets everywhere! You dry your hair and are oblivious, until someone points it out that is, that you have balls of fluff all over your head - don't even get me started on what they do to the black clothes! MEH!


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