3 September 2013

Get Ready With Me #1

Good day all. So, I have made a little 'Get Ready With Me' video for my From Lucy With Love YouTube channel! I love watching these videos as they just give me little make up ideas or perhaps product ideas that I have not used before. Whilst I completely appreciate it is not as pleasant seeing my 32 year old mug bare faced on the internet as it is a 20 year olds there is nothing I can do about that! However, I rest at ease in the thought that, as a 32 year old woman, I am interested in seeing other 30 somethings doing this, so therefore there must be a market for it! 

So, here is my little video showing you my 'everyday' make up and hair 'style' (I use this word loosely!). I hope you enjoy it. Please 'Subscribe' to the channel if you like it and hit the 'thumbs up' button to help rate it!

I am planning some more make up videos, so if there is something more specific you would like to see just get in touch. You can do that via Twitter @lucycarterart, Facebook, follow me on Pinterest or comment below one of my blog posts! So no excuses at all! I love to hear from you, even if it is just a 'hi, saw your video' comment, get in touch.


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