11 August 2013

Sunday Snaps

 photo 11thAugust_zps14f4f4e6.jpg

1. Updating an old chest of drawers right now...here I am applying the undercoat! Look at me concentrating! / 2. My little stampers, I love you (cute!). / 3. Wiltshire ducks. I love how there are lots of signs about saying 'no swimming', I can only imagine this is why they are not swimming...  / 4. Here is my 'project manager'... next doors cat, 'watching over' the proceedings. / 5. Going for a bit of ring finger bling this week. / 6. Finally had my second collarbone injection on Thursday. It hurt a bit... the plaster does not demonstrate the extent of the injury. / 7. My bestie gave me a face mask... this is the shocking picture of me wearing it. Not my best look I feel! / 8. More to come on this: sneak preview of the hearts I have been making of late! Watch this space for more info! / 9. An early start at Box Bell Fit this weekend for Saturday circuits. Just me and a chicken for a little bit!

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