25 August 2013

Introducing the From Lucy With Love YouTube Channel!

You may have already realised, if you have read my blog or any Twitter posts before, that I am an avid YouTube fan... this is a relatively new hobby of mine and takes up way too much time in my life when time is already hard to come by! I love watching beauty and hair posts and adore 'hauls' (in other words watching people show what they have been buying!). What I like about it is that it actually has a functional use in my life as I learn what is good/worth buying and what is not, and when times are tough, as they are for many right now, this all serves a purpose! 

I subscribe to a fair amount of channels, which also, I would like to point out, include a nutrition and exercise channel and some music channels... so it's not all make-up. I decided that I would start up my own channel as a platform for several things that will be coming up on my blog including: handmade arts, crafts and food projects, hair and beauty bits and bobs (including the occasional 'haul') and some lifestyle talk.

It is hard to 'put yourself out there' with videos but hopefully they will be taken for what they are which is a bit of fun and a visual compliment to some of the things I write about here.

You can find my channel HERE

I have already uploaded the Coconut Oil Body Scrub video which I made on Instagram recently (something short and sweet to kick off!). There is also a 'Collective Haul' upload. You will see Part One on my channel (and below!), which is a few clothing bits and pieces and some skincare, and Part Two will be uploaded by Wednesday, which is all about beauty!

Here is Part One...Please 'subscribe' to my channel to stay up to date with what goes up. Coming up soon there will be some make-up 'get ready with me' videos plus some 'favourites' from the make-up, hair and beauty realm. Stay tuned!

Thank you for all your support with the blog so far...


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