26 August 2013

A little day out in the big smoke

You may have already seen some of my Sunday snaps from a certain little jaunt into London last week to see Mona play at The Borderline. I thought I would just put a little post together with a few more photos from the day and link some videos that someone has posted on YouTube from the gig!

London is a strange one for me as I find it very scary, what with all the crowds and people all rushing about in every direction, but I do enjoy a one-off visit every now and again! There are probably only three things that will get me to London's busiest streets and those things are art, music and a theatre show! That said I really like The Southbank. On Wednesday there were some cute little 'window gardens' all along the front full of veggies and plants. Last time I visited there were beach huts along the same bit, so you never know quite what you're going to get! There was also a rather funky wall of door bells entertaining some children, but mostly adults, not to mention some graffiti far to amazing to be called graffiti-but then I guess that is cool these days huh?!   

Although I am a country girl at heart I do appreciate architecture and the London skyline is never a disappointment is it? Crossing the bridges you get the most amazing views and get to take in all the atmosphere around you - plus you get to see all the nutters on that ride (below)...I should've gone on there! Right up my street!

So, back to the reason for the trip, the gig... the venue was tucked away next to Foyles book store and looked a bit like a gallery from the outside (above right). It was one of those places where you go in and head down a winding staircase to get to the stage and bar etc. Pretty small on the inside which has its advantages and disadvantages depending on who you are and how much you like to be jumped on by drunk teenagers! Luckily the age ranges varied enough for a few tall 'dad's' to act like a protection barrier when said teens began their haphazard leaping!

Anyway, check out these videos from the gig I found on YouTube and see what you think...

The video below is their music video from their first single released over here a couple of years ago:

 photo londonskylineatnight_zps3eb7a456.png


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