16 July 2013

You shall go to the ball...

 photo summerball_zps665d508f.jpg

I went along to a very posh Summer Ball recently. It was so hot but a really nice evening. Despite my lack of any suitable attire I managed to decide on my trusty Christmas LBD and go with it anyway!

1. Before dinner we cracked open the croquet and I tried to remember I was wearing a short dress whilst being super competitive - not very lady like! / 2. The theme was old Hollywood, you could dress up to go with the theme of the evening and there were some awesome costumes! / 3. I may not have had the outfit but I tried the curls, red lips, gold shadow and flicky cat eyes instead! / 4. Me in the toilet! Yes, glamorous! /  5. The band (look at the old paintings! So beautiful) / 6. The Queen watching us all eat. / 7. Dinner! What a feast! / 8. The most important course, dessert. Amazing! / 9. The ice sculpture. Impressive.


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