28 July 2013

Sunday Snaps

 photo 27thJuly_zps18ef7384.jpg

1. Last weeks Royal Shakespeare, outdoor festival performance of 'Othello'. Beautiful weather, great little performers. / 2. Sunshine silhouette. / 3. Amazing Wiltshire sunset. / 4. I was handed a packet of these retro delights - to be honest, they didn't taste good but the messages are super cute though! / 5. This week there were a few bad foods laying about at work - managed to avoid the majority, however, I cannot resist a Victoria Sponge, particularly one that looks like this! / 6. Hot and flagging in the office. / 7. Weekend of blog scheduling and Starwars Sunday! / 8. Not coming off too well on the food front this week, but it is not as bad as it may seem! A couple of Jelly Babies only - turned into Eskimos - gotta be done. / 9. Chocolate mousse - end of term celebration!


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