7 July 2013

Sunday Snaps

Looking at the photo's from the last 14 days it looks like all I have been doing is gardening! I need to get myself together and start doing something more interesting whilst I still can! To be fair, I have been super busy, and will be for the next couple of weeks so bear with me! 

 photo 7thJuly_zps68b3267f.jpg

1. Attempting to 'bring on' some succulents in a little pot to make a terrarium for indoors. / 2. This didn't happen! / 3. Two small treats - 'The Balms' highlighter, to add a little glow to my poor tired face (see picture 8!) and a colourful Maybeline nail polish to add a pop of brightness to my hands. / 4. Beautiful peonies, one of my favourite flowers, I was lucky to receive a bunch of these this week. / 5. Er... my foot, in the sun! / 6. Another garden centre trip, looking at lavender this time. I am growing some from seed which I hope will look like this in the not to distant future. / 7. A trip to my favourite place! Box Bell Fit. / 8. A tired Monday face. / 9. Violas!! Beautiful little violas! 


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