6 July 2013

Loving, Needing, Meh! #2

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This week has been so mad that my life is going to look very dull, but I have been working solidly and not had time in the evenings to do anything of any interest to anyone (not even me) so forgive the small list!

This week I am LOVING:
  • Mumford and Sons! I saw their live Glastonbury set on Sunday and thought 'why haven't I listened to more of their stuff?'. So I ventured onto iTunes to check out a couple of tracks I liked only to discover I had already brought one of their albums ages ago! Doh! Good news for me though!
  • July! I cannot believe it is July already! Only a few weeks until the summer holidays which means serious training and art work time!
  • The Penguin Dance on YouTube. Yes, I know I am probably about a year behind everyone else, but I heard some kids at school singing it and it cracked me up!
This week I am NEEDING:
  • A serious hair cut! Someone needs to drag me to a salon immediately!
  • Some 'down' time. I need to pack myself a little bag for the day and head out somewhere interesting and just relax for a whole day. Can't wait to do that soon. It may be time for another Hever Castle trip!
  • One word. 'Ebay'. I discovered a black sack in the back of my car that holds clothing that I need to Ebay. Just get on with it Lucy!
This weeks 'MEH!'
  • This weeks 'Meh!' is directly related to another YouTube clip. As I missed the 'This Morning' interview this week, where that stupid woman off of The Apprentice discussed how she would not let her precious little angels mix with children with certain names associated with the working class population I caught up with it last night. Seriously? What a total joke! I have never been made so angry by an interview. I had to laugh when they said something like '...so you won't let you children socialise with other kids with geographical names?', 'Isn't your daughter called India?'. I mean, for Gods sake! Watch it if you haven't seen it. Appalling excuse for a woman.

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