21 July 2013

Handmade Coconut Oil Body Scrub

What do I need?
This is so easy to make it is unreal! Your biggest ingredient is, of course, the coconut oil itself. It is best purchased from a health food shop as it will be so much cheaper than buying it on a beauty site (they tend to over charge). You can use the oil for so many things that, once you have a big jar of it, you will start finding lots of ways to put it into action!

I got my oil, which is an organic virgin coconut oil, from Dolphin Fitness. The brand is 'Biona' and it came in at around £6.95 for 400gms. I have seen it on beauty sites for as much as £14.00 for the same thing in a prettier bottle but, honestly, don't waste your money! 

For my recipe, apart from the coconut oil, you will need:
- One lime (you can also add lemon too if you would like)
- Brown sugar
- A mixing bowl
- Spoon
- Air tight jar or Tupperware box (to store)

What do I do?
Step One:
Tip desired amount of brown sugar into your mixing bowl.
Step Two:
Take a spoon full of coconut oil and mix into the sugar - you may need to use more or less depending on the amount of sugar you have in the bowl. The consistency needs to be such that when you rub it into your skin the sugar doesn't just fall straight off. You will need to judge this as you are mixing.
Step Three:
Squeeze in your lime juice (and/or lemon to suit) - stir.
Step Four:
Put into a suitable container. For hygiene reasons I would suggest having a spoon to hand when using as its not ideal to get lots of water sitting in the container (especially in this weather!). 

*Bear in mind that coconut oil is a solid below a certain temperature so if you make more than one batch and store in the fridge you will need to remove with time to spare for softening!

Other beauty uses for coconut oil:
- Massage into cuticles
- Apply to ends of hair for 30 minutes and then shampoo and condition as normal for nourishing hair mask
- Use on troublesome dry skin areas

Stay tuned for some more beauty recipes soon!



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