9 July 2013

Before I'm 40...

I am 32. Most people have a list of what they want to do in life or places they want to go and you are about to read mine. Buckle up, there's not a garden centre in sight!

1. Take a trip to New York City. I have always wanted to go and quite fancy going in the Autumn, or 'Fall' as they say! I am more of a country girl than a city dweller but who can resist the eclectic city that never sleeps?
2. A romantic weekend in Paris anyone? Yes please! Beautiful architecture, art galleries, cafes... another city break!
3. Get on the property ladder. Please.God. Nuff said!
4. Exhibit some new art work in a small, local gallery. I really want to make more time for making art work. I love it when I get going, but when I have a break from it it is hard to reignite the creative juices. I want to get my teeth stuck in to something properly and really go for it, doing what I used to do at university; enter competitions and try to get recognised for something!
5. Drive an Audio R8/Ferrari/Porsche on a race track. I would love that! I did an experience day for my 21st Birthday, which was awesome, that was in a Formula 4 car. I wannna go for the big guns!
6. Learn to surf and kite board, in any order. I am such a water baby and would love to pack up my gear on a whim and head to Cornwall to surf. I adore being outside and know I would fall in love with it.
7. Have a holiday on my own. This doesn't have to be anything major. Perhaps I can go on a little jaunt to my favourite place (as mentioned above), Cornwall, and take part in some surfing lessons and the odd art class. Two birds with one stone.
8. Rock climbing / Indoor wall climbing. Either way, I want to try it! It has always appealed to me.
9. Finish my children's book. I did a short course a year and a bit ago which taught the basics of writing a book for children. I have the idea, just needs firming up and illustration.
10. Gigs! I have a few people I would like to see, including Muse and Mumford and Sons. I have been lucky enough to see my top two this year: Matchbox Twenty and County Crows! Lucky lady.
11. Upgrade the Ford KA to a smart Mini. Yes please.
12. Go somewhere very, very dark. I am beyond desperate to see the stars. The real bright stars. If you go to the right place you can even see the Milkyway - that's the place for me, wherever it is.
13. Speaking of space - the Kennedy Space Centre. If you have read this blog thoroughly thus far you will know I am a space geek. The space centre would be the best!
14. I would like swimming lessons. Call me 4 years old but that's what I would like! I want to be taught to front crawl without looking like I am drowning.
15. Scotland. I would like to go to the obvious places like Edinburgh, but would also like to travel to some of the smaller, really remote islands surrounding the country to photograph and sketch the landscape.

There you have it. A small list. I am sure it will need amending, but they are some of the biggest things I would love to tick off before I hit the big 4-0!


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