29 June 2013

Top Pins

I love Pinterest and think it is a fantastic and creative resource. I guess when you build your boards you are effectively creating 'wish lists' for yourself - boy do I love a good wish list! Here are some of my favourites from the last few weeks - they are a garden theme as I have recently got really in to it seeing as we had some good weather. You can follow me on Pinterest to keep up with all of my latest pins, click HERE to do so!
 photo FavouritePins_zps02356f0a.jpg
(Please note that where possible I have located the original source of the Pinned photo and linked it below)

1. I love this idea, it is super cool and gives you scope to decorate the ladder whatever colour you desire, although I do really like this olivey yellow colour. / 2. I have a bit of a thing for succulents at the moment and really want to try and grow some little ones indoors. I think they look very sweet and you can make them look really interesting - plus they are easy to take care of. These little egg-shell ones are very cute. / 3. A great mix of craft and gardening in this pin. Using cement to create a unique tile is genius...not sure where I would find a leaf that large in my garden however! / 4. Any garden needs birds. I know that bird feed isn't too pricey but there is something so rewarding about making your own. There seed hearts are so easy. (I will put the pictures up of mine when I make them soon). / 5. These gorgeous terrariums are perfect for adding some interest inside your home. I am beyond desperate to make one of these. / 6. I have had these light bulb vases on my pins since my early Pinterest days. I just adore these. If you were having a special party or something outside, these would just add so much atmosphere - so beautiful. / 7. Jazz up your terracotta pots with some simple paint and tlc. Just noticed these have succulents in them too! / 8. I love these plants. I can't remember off the top of my head what they are called so please forgive me. / 9. Er, more succulents! I love these neon painted pots though, they really spice up the appearance of the plant. / 10. I am just growing my own herbs from seed. It is early days yet but I really hope they end up looking like these! Great idea to have them in old wine boxes too.


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