27 June 2013

Here goes...

-I played the drums from the age of...I think I was 11?? Not 100% sure but I have certificates and everything! I am not saying I would be any good whatsoever now!
-I tell terrible jokes. To make it worse, I think they are hysterical! (And I must tell everyone!).
-I have only just settled on my handwriting style. I wrote differently most days in school and for many years. Maybe it's a creativity thing or just plain indecision, who knows, but finally, at 32, I have started writing very consistently! Woo Hoo!! Go me!
-I talk to myself all the time! I run through imaginary conversations in my head to plan a variety of outcomes to a real conversation I may have - that's normal right?
-I love building lego! Helped to build the Space Shuttle one last year - awesome!
-I cannot stand bananas. They make me feel sick just to smell them.
-I have a ridiculously eclectic taste in music, catch me at any point and it could be Metallica, Ben Howard, Mona (awesome band by the way!), Kings of Leon, 80's love songs, Guns n Roses, garage, The Carpenters, Phil Collins, Bryan Adams... I am desperately trying to think of something cool that I can add, but seriously though, I listen to all different radio stations and my iPod is confused too. I never understand people who just listen and like one genre...strange!
-I collect jars. I cannot say no to a glass jar. They are everywhere for heavens sake!
-I find it impossible to touch books that have pictures of space in them. I love space and programmes and books about the universe etc, but I cannot put my hand on a big picture, it totally freaks me out. I feel my legs go all funny and my feet feel strange. It must be something to do with the thought of how vast it is, but seriously... what do I expect is going to happen? (This also extends to pictures of spiders - more understandable to most I would imagine!).
-On the animal subject - I love them. I am a proper animal person. I cannot harm a fly (literally). As terrified as I am of spiders I would never hurt one intentionally and will go to great lengths to put one outside without injury to either of us!
-I really like mint choc-chip ice cream! Had some yummy Roskilly's at their farm in Cornwall earlier this year! Hell to the yes!
-I have an obsession with Boots. Not the type you put on your feet either. I mean the shop. I cannot go in there for one product. I mooch about in there like I am a millionaire... things 'jump' into my basket that I 'need' and there is no stopping them. Generally it is hair care products - specifically hair masks!! Obsessed.
-I passed out when I had my ears pierced and spent hours in A & E in Basingstoke Hospital. Not cool.
-I hate camping! There is no way you are taking me camping, it doesn't matter if it is raining or sunny, it's not happening!
-I have an obsession with post-it notes and lists. I make lists for everything. You can be talking to me and I must write it down, every detail! I think it must stem from being so busy all the time! Brain overload.
-I cry all the time. Not in a stupid way, I just get really bloody emotional about things, and it is certainly getting worse the older I get! I cry to adverts especially and there are certain things I just cannot watch! It is usually down to animals being featured but, my God, I am a baby!
-Contrary to popular belief I am actually quite shy. I am pretty extrovert on the surface, which can confuse people, but I get very anxious in certain situations and can tend to cover that by being louder or cracking pathetic jokes!
-I love having YouTube marathons! I subscribe to a whole bunch of channels (vlogs mostly) and I can sit for hours watching those things... I mean, actual days can pass!
-I have a mega sweet tooth. I am a nightmare about puddings and, being into a healthy lifestyle like I am, I have to seriously kick start the willpower. It is hard!!
-I have read Freya North books over and over and over and over... (you get it!). I am such a sucker for old fashioned romance and her characters are so cute and it is all so lovely! My favourites are 'Sally' and 'Chloe'!
-I am super competitive. I don't know how I have friends left really. We have games nights and I can get ridiculous! It's just Scrabble for heavens sake!
-I am a massive tomboy. I did a Driving Experience Day for my 21st and would love to do it again - super sexy, fast cars are my thing, as are sexy jet planes...
-I am obsessed with Most Haunted on TV. I love that show. I have had a few interesting 'experiences' myself and, as cheesy and probably fake as it may be, I like it!
-I fridge everything chocolaty I can. Mini Eggs and tea - Awesome. Minstrels and tea - Fantastic. DO it!
-I attach myself to everything. Inanimate objects end up with feelings. I feel bad if I don't water a plant, it's like I can hear it saying 'I'm dying, please help me...'. Idiot.
There are so many more I am sure - as they come to me I will note them down! But for now, that is your lot!


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