21 June 2013

Creative Corner

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These funky Button Magnets are so easy to make and really look the part on your fridge or board. You can pick up all you will need for these very cheaply - most people have buttons around the house going spare anyway!

- buttons (I usually buy mine from this fantastic online shop 'Ribbon Moon' -they are affordable, have lots to choose from and delivery is super fast too)
- thread (this step is optional but I think it looks nice to quickly sew some through the buttons)
- superglue
- magnets (I got mine from eBay, they were about £1.10 for 14 of them)

Step 1:
Choose your buttons and matching thread.

Step 2:
Sew your thread carefully through the button a few times to create that authentic button look. Try not to create a large knot on the back as this will stop the magnet sticking well.

Step 3:
Place a few drops of superglue over one side of a magnet and hold in place on the reverse of the button until it had dried.

All done!

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