29 June 2013

Top Pins

I love Pinterest and think it is a fantastic and creative resource. I guess when you build your boards you are effectively creating 'wish lists' for yourself - boy do I love a good wish list! Here are some of my favourites from the last few weeks - they are a garden theme as I have recently got really in to it seeing as we had some good weather. You can follow me on Pinterest to keep up with all of my latest pins, click HERE to do so!
 photo FavouritePins_zps02356f0a.jpg
(Please note that where possible I have located the original source of the Pinned photo and linked it below)

1. I love this idea, it is super cool and gives you scope to decorate the ladder whatever colour you desire, although I do really like this olivey yellow colour. / 2. I have a bit of a thing for succulents at the moment and really want to try and grow some little ones indoors. I think they look very sweet and you can make them look really interesting - plus they are easy to take care of. These little egg-shell ones are very cute. / 3. A great mix of craft and gardening in this pin. Using cement to create a unique tile is genius...not sure where I would find a leaf that large in my garden however! / 4. Any garden needs birds. I know that bird feed isn't too pricey but there is something so rewarding about making your own. There seed hearts are so easy. (I will put the pictures up of mine when I make them soon). / 5. These gorgeous terrariums are perfect for adding some interest inside your home. I am beyond desperate to make one of these. / 6. I have had these light bulb vases on my pins since my early Pinterest days. I just adore these. If you were having a special party or something outside, these would just add so much atmosphere - so beautiful. / 7. Jazz up your terracotta pots with some simple paint and tlc. Just noticed these have succulents in them too! / 8. I love these plants. I can't remember off the top of my head what they are called so please forgive me. / 9. Er, more succulents! I love these neon painted pots though, they really spice up the appearance of the plant. / 10. I am just growing my own herbs from seed. It is early days yet but I really hope they end up looking like these! Great idea to have them in old wine boxes too.


28 June 2013

Loving, Needing, Meh! #1

This post will be a regular one so hop on board people! It's a little round up of what I am loving, needing and 'Meh!' (in other words what has gone wrong this week! Or general rants and raves!)

This week I am LOVING:
  • Vlogs! I don't know why I have never bothered with them before but oh my God, they're GREAT! Here's a few I am loving right now: Lily Pebbles, A Model Recommends, Vivianna Does Makeup and Essie Button.
  • Nail colours. I haven't been paid yet, but when I am I will be purchasing a couple for sure!
  • Wavy locks! I learned how to properly curl my hair with my straightening irons and I LOVE IT!!
  • Training. Finally got back to training (& teaching) on Monday and Tuesday this week. Been off with a bad back so it was good to be back on it (sort of...see 'Meh'!).
  • Seeds. My seeds are popping up left, right and centre and they are gorgeous.
This week I am NEEDING:
  • Nail care!! (Seriously!). I was waffling on about nail colour earlier BUT I am desperately in need of some products to care for my poor nails. I need a little manicure!
  • Health...see below!
This weeks 'MEH!':
  • I have been beyond sick this week. Along with the stupidly bad back left over from last week my body has decided to pick up a tummy bug off the shelf (or more likely from school!). It really was awful! Not to mention the timing. I return to training, taking care not to increase the pain of my already painful back and am feeling good, then this hits. Fab. MEH! 

27 June 2013

Here goes...

-I played the drums from the age of...I think I was 11?? Not 100% sure but I have certificates and everything! I am not saying I would be any good whatsoever now!
-I tell terrible jokes. To make it worse, I think they are hysterical! (And I must tell everyone!).
-I have only just settled on my handwriting style. I wrote differently most days in school and for many years. Maybe it's a creativity thing or just plain indecision, who knows, but finally, at 32, I have started writing very consistently! Woo Hoo!! Go me!
-I talk to myself all the time! I run through imaginary conversations in my head to plan a variety of outcomes to a real conversation I may have - that's normal right?
-I love building lego! Helped to build the Space Shuttle one last year - awesome!
-I cannot stand bananas. They make me feel sick just to smell them.
-I have a ridiculously eclectic taste in music, catch me at any point and it could be Metallica, Ben Howard, Mona (awesome band by the way!), Kings of Leon, 80's love songs, Guns n Roses, garage, The Carpenters, Phil Collins, Bryan Adams... I am desperately trying to think of something cool that I can add, but seriously though, I listen to all different radio stations and my iPod is confused too. I never understand people who just listen and like one genre...strange!
-I collect jars. I cannot say no to a glass jar. They are everywhere for heavens sake!
-I find it impossible to touch books that have pictures of space in them. I love space and programmes and books about the universe etc, but I cannot put my hand on a big picture, it totally freaks me out. I feel my legs go all funny and my feet feel strange. It must be something to do with the thought of how vast it is, but seriously... what do I expect is going to happen? (This also extends to pictures of spiders - more understandable to most I would imagine!).
-On the animal subject - I love them. I am a proper animal person. I cannot harm a fly (literally). As terrified as I am of spiders I would never hurt one intentionally and will go to great lengths to put one outside without injury to either of us!
-I really like mint choc-chip ice cream! Had some yummy Roskilly's at their farm in Cornwall earlier this year! Hell to the yes!
-I have an obsession with Boots. Not the type you put on your feet either. I mean the shop. I cannot go in there for one product. I mooch about in there like I am a millionaire... things 'jump' into my basket that I 'need' and there is no stopping them. Generally it is hair care products - specifically hair masks!! Obsessed.
-I passed out when I had my ears pierced and spent hours in A & E in Basingstoke Hospital. Not cool.
-I hate camping! There is no way you are taking me camping, it doesn't matter if it is raining or sunny, it's not happening!
-I have an obsession with post-it notes and lists. I make lists for everything. You can be talking to me and I must write it down, every detail! I think it must stem from being so busy all the time! Brain overload.
-I cry all the time. Not in a stupid way, I just get really bloody emotional about things, and it is certainly getting worse the older I get! I cry to adverts especially and there are certain things I just cannot watch! It is usually down to animals being featured but, my God, I am a baby!
-Contrary to popular belief I am actually quite shy. I am pretty extrovert on the surface, which can confuse people, but I get very anxious in certain situations and can tend to cover that by being louder or cracking pathetic jokes!
-I love having YouTube marathons! I subscribe to a whole bunch of channels (vlogs mostly) and I can sit for hours watching those things... I mean, actual days can pass!
-I have a mega sweet tooth. I am a nightmare about puddings and, being into a healthy lifestyle like I am, I have to seriously kick start the willpower. It is hard!!
-I have read Freya North books over and over and over and over... (you get it!). I am such a sucker for old fashioned romance and her characters are so cute and it is all so lovely! My favourites are 'Sally' and 'Chloe'!
-I am super competitive. I don't know how I have friends left really. We have games nights and I can get ridiculous! It's just Scrabble for heavens sake!
-I am a massive tomboy. I did a Driving Experience Day for my 21st and would love to do it again - super sexy, fast cars are my thing, as are sexy jet planes...
-I am obsessed with Most Haunted on TV. I love that show. I have had a few interesting 'experiences' myself and, as cheesy and probably fake as it may be, I like it!
-I fridge everything chocolaty I can. Mini Eggs and tea - Awesome. Minstrels and tea - Fantastic. DO it!
-I attach myself to everything. Inanimate objects end up with feelings. I feel bad if I don't water a plant, it's like I can hear it saying 'I'm dying, please help me...'. Idiot.
There are so many more I am sure - as they come to me I will note them down! But for now, that is your lot!


23 June 2013

Sunday Snaps

It does what it says on the tin! It's Sunday, and it's time for a round up of a few recent photos from things I have been up to! I will archive these HERE!

 photo montage_zpsf2a50fcd.jpg
1. After attending an amazing Alex Ferentinos Nutrition Workshop at Box Bell Fit I have been trying to have my Psyllium Husks from 'My Protein' at bedtime and a Total Greek yoghurt, with a drop of honey, for breakfast! Starts the day right! / 2. Beautiful poppy fields near Amesbury in Wiltshire. / 3. Out with my besties dog, Casper. / 4. My best friends business 'Pigs Might Fly South' - a fabulous blood making company, for all your 'bloody' needs! / 5. Been watching a lot of hair and beauty vlogs and trying to find someone who can teach me how to do it - I am rubbish at hair! Finally found this great one by Vivianna Does Makeup. / 6. Been a bit green fingered recently - got these amazing little beauties from a local garden centre - they are so pretty. / 7. Had a fun evening with my friends and discovered this was not the best way to take the 'bum' out of cheesecake packaging! / 8. New poppies! / 9. Been wearing my fab red Converse recently, loud and proud!!


22 June 2013

Fit Kit Wish List

If you know me fairly well you will know that I am fitness mad and go stir crazy without training! (I will be sharing more about that soon on the 'Lifestyle' tab). Having had a little bit of an up and down fitness month or two (due to injury) I am feeling better and ready to get back to it! The summer is also here which usually inspires brighter 'fit kit' - here are a few things on my 'wish list' for the summer months!
1. Nike Miler V-Neck £20 from Nike
2. Nike+ Fuel Band £129.00 from Nike
3. Surf Foam Wash Shampoo £18.50 from Bumble & Bumble 
4. Surf Creme Rinse Conditioner £20.00 from Bumble & Bumble
5. Nike Bag £35 from Nike
6. Neon Pink Smart Shake £8.29 from Amazon
7. Lululemon Headband £10.00 from Lululemon
8. Nike Lunarbase Trainers £70.00 from Nike
9. Nike Black Hoody £40.00 from Next
10. Dior Skin Nude BB Cream £30.00 from Feel Unique
11. Nike Legend Bottoms £35 from Nike

What are you wearing to the gym this summer? What products are you particularly loving in your gym bag? Let me know!


21 June 2013

Creative Corner

 photo ButtonMagnets_zps27c3648b.jpg

These funky Button Magnets are so easy to make and really look the part on your fridge or board. You can pick up all you will need for these very cheaply - most people have buttons around the house going spare anyway!

- buttons (I usually buy mine from this fantastic online shop 'Ribbon Moon' -they are affordable, have lots to choose from and delivery is super fast too)
- thread (this step is optional but I think it looks nice to quickly sew some through the buttons)
- superglue
- magnets (I got mine from eBay, they were about £1.10 for 14 of them)

Step 1:
Choose your buttons and matching thread.

Step 2:
Sew your thread carefully through the button a few times to create that authentic button look. Try not to create a large knot on the back as this will stop the magnet sticking well.

Step 3:
Place a few drops of superglue over one side of a magnet and hold in place on the reverse of the button until it had dried.

All done!
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