11 April 2013

It's all about the pegs...

I am more than obsessed with stationary: fact! I love using quirky things, like pegs, instead of paperclips (which, if used, MUST be coloured). Here is a low cost project I did recently to jazz up some boring wooden pegs:

1. Take some standard wooden pegs and cut some strips of scrap material to cover the longest side.
2. Glue in place using a craft glue that is suitable for wood. When dry cut to fit using a sharp craft knife.
3/4. Repeat process - use some bright, funky fabrics!
5. Once all the fabric is totally dry and cut to size, paint the shorter end using acrylic paint.
6. Finally, use a clear varnish over the paint to seal it in place and prevent chipping. I used a clear, matt varnish (about £6.00 for a small tin).

There you have it!

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