21 October 2018


Another week has past and that means a new 'Weekly Gratitude' list from me. I have still been unwell all of this week but did get around to editing my vlog from the previous week, so you can catch that at the end of this post (I would love it if you would subscribe to my YouTube channel to stay up to date with any new videos!). I started back on the vlogging train again with full intentions to vlog weekly, which I certainly will be doing, but I have left it this week as I did far to much sniffing in today's video, let alone putting you through it for a second week! (You're welcome!).

Have you guys had a good week? I love it when you come and say hi in the comments or over on Instagram, especially when you share what you have been up to, so don't be shy! Let's get on to my week shall we (if anyone saw my IG stories last Sunday, where I apologised for not posting a gratitude list due to illness, I can confirm that I am still grateful for strepsils, paracetamol, tissues and vitamin C, so won't mention it again!).

:: This may sound super dull, but I finally got a replacement charging cable for my iPhone (thanks Joe!), as my last one had given up and, last time I tried to plug in my phone it took 21 plug and unplugs to get it to actually charge; there were visions of me blowing up the house with the stupid thing, so I am so happy to have a brand new and fully functioning one! I'll tell you something though, Apple know that you have to buy their specific charger don't they...I can here the bank gasping at the cost of the bloody thing.

:: Due to my silly and somewhat relentless variety of illnesses these last few weeks I have been reading quite a lot. I mentioned recently that I was reading Mel Wells' second book 'Hungry for More', which I finished this week (Peta, it will be heading your way soon enough, definitely one for you!). Having been given a library of books from Peta and a couple from another lovely friend, Kimberley, I am very spoilt for choice as to what to read next. I opted for 'A New Earth' by Eckhart Tolle, one that Kimberley lent me several weeks ago. I love Tolle's work but it isn't the sort of book I will fly through as it is one for the mind to pause and to contemplate over, so I also started Matt Haig's 'Notes on a Nervous Planet', which I will finish before the new week starts I think. This book is wonderful; sort of uneasy and thought provoking but it does make you reconsider things that you do in your life from a practical standpoint. I will be taking a stack of books into hospital with me on Wednesday as I get bored really fast so will want to swap and change throughout the day!

:: I am super grateful for a parcel I received from MyProtein recently, which contained a tub of their new Whey+ and some of their new Pre-Workout+ too. If you have followed me for a while you will already know that I get 99% of my supplements from MyProtein (as well as training clothes too), so when they offered to send me some new products to try I was so chuffed! I will be doing a little review in a vlog once I am out of hospital, but I can say that I have tried the pre-workout (they sent me the orange/mango) and it is actually really delicious. I only used half a scoop as I don't normally use pre-workouts (mostly because they taste a bit gross) but I wanted to experiment with this one and on top of it genuinely tasting nice, with no horrible after-taste, I felt the kick without the tingly weird shakes! I highly recommend that you start on a smaller amount than the pot says with any pre-workout to assess your tolerance and, in my opinion, only use them when and if you need them rather than taking them every workout and becoming reliant on them! I'll get back to you on the whey protein soon (I am looking forward to trying it in some pancakes!!).

:: As you will see from the vlog this week, Joe and I went for a little stroll at Godolphin House in Helston last Sunday; the National Trust membership really is the best thing we have ever done! I know I feature it a lot, but it is so stunning and looks different in every season. If you are ever in the area you have to go, but always check the website for when the house is open because it is limited (they also do great cake in the cafe...I've heard!).

:: I managed to watch season one and two of 'Glow' on Netflix and really got into it by season two and was genuinely frustrated when the last episode finished! I also watched 'Butterfly' on ITV catchup this week; a drama starring Anna Friel among others, all about a little boy called Max who is struggling with his gender. It was so well put together and I am looking forward to episode two and seeing how they unfold the story.

:: There have been some gorgeous skies this week, including a beautiful sunrise of golden oranges and pinks yesterday morning. The moon has also looked stunning all week and has been sat quite low in the sky and super clear. I cannot get enough of staring at the heavens.

:: I have really got into my meditation in a huge way recently and have been practicing it regularly and it feels so good. I have a long way to go as some days I really struggle to clear my head, as much as I try, but I figure it is called a practice for a reason! I have also been sticking with one crystal and working with it to really 'get to know' it, after listening to a podcast about crystals recently and how we all tend to flit between different ones without fully imprinting our energy onto one first. I think I fall asleep almost every single time I meditate, but I still enjoy every second regardless and often have little ideas or useful thoughts pop into my mind, which I think would otherwise not have shown up. Onwards and upwards!

:: I am currently working on a bit of branding design for a very special lady I know, and have been enjoying sketching out ideas and painting in my sketchbook; it feels so lovely to be working on something a bit different to normal (I am also a tad terrified too... fingers crossed she will like it!). Also, if I could stop being ill so I can actually work for more than an hour at a time without nearly falling asleep I may get it done before next Christmas!!

:: Speaking of Christmas... I love Christmas (that is not what I wanted to say though!) but I am in utter denial about the fact that the supermarkets are crammed full of festive bits and bobs! I did bring the Morrison's Christmas food ordering book thing home from the shop this week though and we both thoroughly enjoyed flicked through that...especially the desserts!

:: Yesterday poor little Gizmo wasn't at all well; she hadn't been very lethargic and not eating or drinking at all. We whisked her off to the vets (thank you Mounts Bay vets for being open on a Saturday!) and she got diagnosed with a fever (bless her little paws) so, after a couple of jabs and some medication to go on top of today's food, we arrived home and I can report that as of this afternoon she is much more herself... I was an anxious, tearful mess all of yesterday as I instantly think shes about to leave this world (dramatic much?!) but it is only because I love her more than nutella.

:: I did a very 'out of comfort zone' thing this week and booked onto my first wedding fair ever with Leaf Lane Studio! I will be exhibiting at The Eco Wedding Fair on 24th February and I can't wait (but I have so much to get done for it!). I decided that I would probably talk myself out of doing a show forever unless I just jump in and book something, so there you go! Moving out of your comfort zone is only ever a positive thing, so I know it will be good and also, how am I ever going to learn unless I do it? Answer: I won't...so I am doing it!

:: The other thing I did this week was set up my November Bullet Journal and, do you know what, I am really happy with how it turned out! I PROMISE to do a video on it. My reason behind lack of videos is purely equipment based! I'm asking for Amazon vouchers for any occasion for the foreseeable future so that I can buy a decent vlogging camera (Canon G7X II) and a tripod also. In the mean time I have to balance and rig up a very delicate amount of objects in order to get an over head shot (for a behind the scenes on that see my IG stories 'Gizmo' saved section... what are those things called?! I have saved the set up from last time in there because our bear found much fun in playing with it last time!).

That is about it for this week. I am going to try my best to vlog next week but I go into hospital for the day on Wednesday, so I will see how that goes and obviously won't be vlogging in there (no one needs that in their lives do they!).

Have a truly wonderful week ahead and thank you for stopping by!


17 October 2018


Firstly guys, thank you ever so much for bearing with me over the last week or so; I have quite a few health-related issues happening and last week it all became a bit much and my poor old body had decided a rest was needed, but I am back now, so let's hop straight into todays post!

I have been thinking a lot recently about things in my life/about myself that I struggle to accept on a daily basis and have decided that, whilst certain things are a 'work in progress' or will never be 'done' (self improvement is never done right?!) I must accept where I am now as a valid place to be, even if it makes me a little bit uncomfortable. 

The fact that we are all constantly searching for more (materialistic items, spiritual enlightenment, money, recognition... whatever your 'thing' is) means that we are never truly living in our 'now', and that is rather sad to think about isn't it? It is so difficult to be present when life is running by at a million miles an hour and we are fed so many things on television, on-line and on social media that tell us the things we 'need' to do/gain to be younger, slimmer, fitter, or just a better all round human; this focuses our minds away from the moment we are in and onto the future us.

Whilst there is nothing wrong with thinking ahead, I honestly think that we are kind of losing sight of ourselves a little and so I decided to sit and have a think about the reasons I can use as possible excuses to avoid living in my now and really work on accepting them more, whilst still seeking the balance of improvement and bettering certain circumstances, but just with a more realistic vision, and less of a 'I'll be successful when I've... *insert whatever the thing is here*.

Here is my list of things I need to sit with for a while in order to enjoy my present moment a little more...

1. My body weight fluctuates because of health issues.
This is one of the big boys for me for so many reasons, but mostly because it sets off my mental health massively. I will get around to writing a blog post on how I have been dealing with food differently as soon as my health improves (I also touch on it in a vlog which will be up today or tomorrow!). I seem very unable to cope with my body shifting and, with my current health situation being a little all over the place it means my training has been far from consistent too, which has only added fuel to the already burning fire. I had a moment of clarity the other day where I just thought 'my God woman, stop with the crazy body shaming; you are poorly, your body is crying out for a rest, so how about you just accept it and don't worry for a change'. This is my biggest mountain to climb and, right now, with all the hormone issues and heavens knows what else, I really don't feel my best and therefore assume that everyone else is thinking the same about me too. I need to work on accepting myself for the moment I am in and that is why this is top of the list. I am trying to get out of the restriction/full-on-diet mindset and move into something much more healthy all round and have been working with Peta, of the newly named 'Nourishing Soulfully', to do this... blog post to come soon! But to relate this back to the topic in hand; by me constantly worrying and thinking 'I should be doing 'this' or 'that' in order to change my body, I am working so hard to try and just be in the moment and allowing myself to feel into my present physical shape without judgement. So very hard!

2. I can't do all the things I want with my business right away.
Quite honestly, this is purely financial, but it is still frustrating. I have ideas, plans, products and things I want to do with Leaf Lane Studio but I know it is a slow game (unless I want to end up in debt, which I really do not!). I had planned to release a little Christmas collection of goodies, but it just isn't realistic for me right now and, do you know what, that really is okay. I have realised recently that sometimes slow and steady really does win the race and, as long as I am taking steps forward I should be happy with that. I often remind myself of that saying which goes something like 'remember when you wanted to be where you are right now', because that seems so relevant to me. Accepting where I am and staying positive about the future and the plans I have to make this business really work for the long term is my goal, rather than feeling like a failure for not being able to have products out for Christmas this year. This, my friends, is the reality of being a business owner, and I am here to tell you it is hard (but bloody fabulous too!).

3. I don't have to feel guilty for taking a rest.
I have spent a vast amount of the last couple of weeks asleep or resting and that is not something I am used to needing to do. I am one of those people who is always tired but, recently, I have wanted to sleep more and more and have felt so exhausted to the point of not being able to string a sentence together. As I lay on the bed I would be racked with guilt and end up feeling even worse for it, but I had a chat with my bestie over message the other day and she made me feel so much better (thanks Helena xx). Whether it is my physical or mental health that disrupts the daily routine, I am allowed to go with what feels right; as much as I know this and would certainly advise rest to others, I struggle so much to do what is right for me without being racked with guilt and the feeling of laziness. Isn't it crazy to think what we do to ourselves when, really, we should rest, switch off, and then return to life once we are recovered and able to function; that is so much more productive!

4. I'm just not confident with my business finances.
I made the decision to stop torturing myself and worrying endlessly about tax returns and various other things, and reached out to a local accountant for help. Yes, it is an investment, but the amount of worry and anxiety it will lift off me, making me more productive in the long term, is well worth it! These are the things I'm talking about really, the little things that can help us stay focused on our day and not be day dreaming about possible disasters in our future! (Also, I truly felt like a grown up calling an accountant... which I really should already feel at 37 years old surely!).

These things are what take up the most space in my head day to day and so the sooner I can shrink them right down, the faster I will be back to living in the moment and enjoying things as they come along, rather than pondering the 'what if's'. These things can also render me somewhat useless at pushing myself too, because my head is too full of worry or guilt to feel creatively 'on' and able to design new products, for example, so the knock on effect is bigger than you think sometimes.

Let's all learn that we work in seasons and with our health and our moods and just try our best to accept that as our reality shall we? It is so easy to feel like the only one out there feeling a certain way, so it would be nice to hear what you guys are trying to accept in your life right now too... let's chat in the comments!

7 October 2018


This week has been a bit of a strange one for me; my health has been up and down and that has meant that I haven't been my most productive (which really annoys me!) but I am getting better at letting things just 'be' and trying to rest in the knowledge that I will be 'on the up' again soon and will be firing on all cylinders. How has your week been? Is it feeling like autumn where you are yet?

Onto this week list!

:: I have started reading Mel Wells' second book this week, Hungry for More. You may remember my utter love for her first book, The Goddess Revolution, which I highly recommend every single person should read. The second one, as the name suggests, really digs in beyond just food and asks questions that help you understand certain thought processes that lead to certain behaviours and emotions. There are really useful journaling prompts after each chapter too which, if you can do them (and I recommend you do them!) really help you un-pick your thoughts. It is so easy to think about things in your head and think that you have everything worked out but, believe me, as soon as you start to journal things through, really letting everything pour out, you will go to brand new places in your mind and whilst it can be a bit raw sometimes, it is also very cleansing.

:: This morning we took a lovely drive along the coast road that runs between St Ives and Lands End and stopped at Sennen for a little wander; it is one of our favourite places and looks to gorgeous in this autumnal weather too. I spotted a little boat in the car park with a familiar name...

:: On Thursday night it was so clear outside that Joe and I found ourselves out in the garden a couple of times star-gazing. I am still totally overwhelmed by the fact that we can see the milky way right above our house and I wish I had the camera equipment to take a proper picture of it, because it is beautiful, and I honestly feel so small whenever I stand and look up. After a day where I haven't felt my best, either mentally or physically, I love nothing more than contemplating the heavens because it really does make you realise your place in things and that we are, ultimately, all one.

:: Whilst I worked on some bits and pieces in my little art room this week I threw on a film that Netflix recommended to me called 'How To Be Single' and, I have to say, it was pretty good! I am a right old bore when it comes to movies as I rarely just try something new, unless someone I know has really loved something they've seen (even then it can take me an absolute age to get around to it!). This film is basically summed up in the title, but it is funny and sweet in places too, although it is most definitely a 'chick-flick', so you have been warned if that genre isn't your thing!

:: I mentioned recently that I had dug out a very old iPod which was in a box in the back of my wardrobe. It is rammed with music, from dodgy dance singles I must have loved once, to old albums I no longer own but am so pleased I put them onto the iPod now! I have been listening to it on random for over a week and have found some real gems, as well as some cheesy crap too... hello there James Blunt! Okay, so I confess to still liking one or two of his songs, but heaven knows how I listened to whole albums at a time without throwing myself off a building! What songs are your guilty pleasures? Let me know in the comments, let's share with the group!

^^ A weekly gratitude post wouldn't be complete without a picture of Gizmo! ^^

:: I was flicking through Bloglovin' this week and catching up with a few of my fave people, when I stumbled across a little Leaf Lane Studio mention on 'Love From Lisa' blog. I have recently worked with Lisa on her wedding stationery for her upcoming big day and it was such a lovely surprise to see my name on her blog too. Lisa and I have been little instagram/blogging buddies for a while now so it was such a privilege to work with her on something so special.

:: After putting up with pajama bottoms and vest tops with many holes in for a long old time, I decided to treat myself to a new pair. I went off to good old Marks and Sparks and found some truly gorgeous bottoms that are so incredibly soft and feel cosy as hell to wear! I love lounge wear so much and just wish I could live in it full time!

:: Yesterday afternoon, whilst there was a break in the forecast of pouring rain, we head off for a walk at a very windy Godrevy, to see if we could spot a few seals (we did) and just get some much needed fresh air. Honestly, I don't think we have ever been there on a windier day; it was one of those 'hold on to your hat' types of walks (my bobble hat had its first outing of this new season and thank goodness I took it!). The sun came out and the waves were dramatic too, which is always my favourite kind of weather, especially over at Godrevy, it always looks so gorgeous.

That is all for this week folks! I am off for a little sit in the sunshine whilst we still have it! See you on Wednesday.

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3 October 2018


It's been a while since I had a little mental health chat on here, which is mainly because I have been kind of busy but also because, on the whole, life has been steady-ish. I say 'ish' because with mental illness 'steady' just wouldn't be the word I would use to describe it, at least not in my case. The high's and lows are less severe these days (thank the maker!), but sometimes I am sailing along all fine and dandy and suddenly I notice water is pouring into the boat (or in the case of Monday, out of my eyeballs!).

What I often find with 'those days' is that, when I am in the middle of the peak day (i.e. the day I lose my sh*t), I can then look back and think 'do you know what Lucy, you haven't been quite right for a week or so really' and then I feel silly for skipping a couple of days meds (usually accidentally) or simply not listening to my brain enough. But that is the nature of the beast; it follows so close behind you, like a shadow, and whenever you stop it stops, so it is easy to miss the signs when you look for them. 

Anyway, after a few days of feeling jittery one minute, numb the next, then exhausted, then hyperactive I peaked with being a tearful mess on Monday and actually said out loud '... am I a failure?'. This question comes up for me every bloody time I struggle for a few days with my health, because the utter crap-bag that is mental illness makes you feel totally useless and like nothing you are doing is going anywhere. For someone who is usually optimistic, endlessly positive and never without motivation, this can hit hard!

Do I want to be someone who has the energy of 'everything I do is crap' / 'I have no good ideas' / 'I'm rubbish, why can't I get myself together today?' / 'I just want to lay in bed and sleep and cry'... answer: hell no! But this is something that happens, this is just real life isn't it? We all get these days, mental illness or no mental illness, and some of these days we have zero option but to actually let ourselves feel all those crappy, negative things; we need a good cry, some chocolate and a cheesy film, maybe even to slob about in our pajamas all day, napping at every given opportunity, but sometimes this isn't an option at all. Why? Well, because we have a job to do, people to take care of or a house to run; so we have to do some things differently.

But guys, gather round, for I have found the secret to the days where giving up for 24 hours isn't possible... do you want to know what it is?


You sure?

Okay, here it is...

you have to just
D O  Y O U R  B E S T

Wow, that's it? I hear you cry! Yep, that's it. As the famous saying goes 'this too shall pass' and it always does pass doesn't it; so just think to yourself 'I'm clearly having one of those day/weeks', shove on Bridget Jones (or whatever floats your boat) and let it be. If you need to take some time to be alone, or miss a workout or three then do it, because the world won't stop turning.

PS: If someone could remind me to re-read this post when I am feeling crappy that'd be wonderful!                     

30 September 2018


Um, apparently today is the last day in September... does anyone know how this has happened? This whole thing of time flying by is getting a little out of hand; I was on the phone to my lovely bestie, Helena, yesterday afternoon, and she informed me that it is something like 13 weeks until Christmas (which also means that 'Heart Xmas' radio station will be on soon, so hooray to that!). It has been a 'beautiful weather week' this week too, super bright, with a hint of autumn in the air too. I was at my parents house decorating for them for the first half of the week and it was definitely colder that way.

Onto this weeks gratitude list:

:: I have to mention the magpie first; for those of you that saw my Instagram this week you will know that I took several pictures of a magpie sat on my lap/head/arm and shoulder. The story there is that he (we think it's a he) turned up about three/four weeks ago in mum and dads garden and hopped straight onto my dads arm. He is a little worse for wear as he is being picked on by two other magpies, but is otherwise in good health. Mum and dad have been keeping their eyes on him and looking after him on a daily basis but he already seemed used to humans, so heaven knows what his background is. He is so cute though and will just sit on your lap happily and let you stroke his beak and chest (he took a special liking to my shiny grey hairs though... damn it, and started trying to pull them out, which may not be a bad thing?!). Any interaction with animals makes my day, I love them so much. The day after I came home mum and dad also rescued six baby hedgehogs and, after talking to the rescue centre and waiting for several hours in-case their mum showed up, they were taken over to somewhere that could look after them until they are old enough, and strong enough, to be released again. It was all about the animals over there this week!

:: You may know that Gemma Sands invited me to record a podcast episode on her 'Free to Flourish Radio' show recently, well, this week it went live and you can give it a listen right here (or search on iTunes). It was my first attempt at a podcast so I was so nervous, but I am ever so grateful to have had the opportunity. You will certainly want to subscribe to the podcast though, because I happen to know that the next guest is a good 'un! Thank you Gemma for having me on your show!

:: This morning I finally got to meet my on-line buddy Kimberley! We started chatting a while ago and, as she lives in Cornwall, not too far from us, we decided to grab a morning coffee/cake (or waffles in my case) over at Godrevy! It was so lovely to sit and chat; it felt like I had known her for year, which is lovely (also kind of felt like a first date too!). It is the wonderful side of the internet that creates friendship and unites us with our 'tribe' in a world that moves so fast that we really just miss encounters with other people most of the time.

:: Yesterday I woke up feeling all kinds of sore and uncomfortable and really didn't want to get up at all; the reason for this is because of an injection I had to have a month before an operation that I am having at the end of October. Basically there are a few side-effects and, whilst they could be a lot worse, a couple caught up with me and made me feel a little worse for wear. I decided that I needed to get myself moving and took my yoga mat outside in the September sun, to do one of Adriene's videos called 'Detox Yoga', and it was every kind of lovely. I also took outside my new Celestite crystal and my journal and sat in meditation for ten minutes after yoga and then journaled for a short while to round up my little morning practice. I am getting a lot of the same things come up in meditation, dreams and in oracle card readings too at the moment, and I am trying to dig into it... my poor old brain is always at a million miles an hour though, which I'm rather hoping will change the more I practice silent meditation. Any tips for quietening the mind?

:: Kind of on the topic of meditation/spirituality; I bought the audio-book of Elizabeth Gilbert's 'Eat, Pray, Love' for the journey up to mum and dads. I have had the book and just couldn't get into it all those years ago (I wasn't anywhere near ready for it!) and, having given it away, I thought I would just bite the bullet and get it on audio as it would be a lovely bit of company for the five hour car journey. I have seen the film, but the book was so much better; I loved it. I found it so thought provoking and could resonate with so many things. Also, I really love Elizabeth Gilbert's voice, so the fact that she narrated it too was a bonus.

:: For some unknown reason I am being drawn to cut out meat a bit more from my diet; not completely, but just to bring in a few more veggie-type meals here and there. I have a lot of things that I am just getting the urge to do at the moment and this is one of them (intuition seems to be on high-alert right now!). So, I have been being very un-Lucy and somewhat free-styling some different food choices; one lunch time I made some mixed bean and sweet potato burgers, which we had with 'firey' beetroot (Morrisons!) and some salad and, in the oven as I type is a vegetarian lasagne! I am enjoying a meat-light diet right now and I feel like it is what my body wants, so I am going with it!

Thank you so much for reading this little post; I really enjoy writing these weekly round-ups and keeping notes throughout the week about the little things that I am grateful for. Make sure you come and say 'hello' over on Instagram... I am there the most!


27 September 2018


I've wanted to do a post about my tattoos for a while, but just haven't got around to it, but finally... here it is!

It's funny really because, all throughout my life I can honestly say that I'd never had the urge to get a tattoo; that isn't to say that I haven't admired them on others, but I've just never even thought of getting one. It was only mid-way through 2016 that I started to consider one and I wish I could come up with a really noteworthy reason for my decision but I'm afraid the reason is all kinds of cliche!

I was going through the early stages of 'finding my feet' spiritually speaking, allowing the way I truly was inside come out and not continue to hide the kind of person I was from people; I wanted to mark the occasion in a way that I would always remember, so I chose to get three 'glyphs' on my left ribs (where they wouldn't be visible to anyone but me really). The meaning of the glyphs are 'Challenge', 'Transform' and 'Transcend', which was perfect for what I felt like at the time and, to be quite honest, still feel like now (aren't we always evolving?). For me, this tattoo, as simple as it is, represents me finding my alignment mentally, physically and spiritually and it is a constant reminder of growth.

As this was my very first tattoo experience, I had no idea of what to expect and felt so nervous (even though what I was getting wasn't going to take very long at all!). The tattoo artist was so lovely and put me right at ease and, even though she mentioned that the ribs are a sensitive place, especially for a first timer like me, it was actually fine! I felt as high as a kite that I had actually got this done but honestly thought that would be the end of my tattoo experiences.

It is also worth mentioning that my mum basically had a heart attack when I told her about having it done (I told her afterward, not before!) but, to be fair, I did tease her a little by telling her I had a huge dragon on my entire side-body, just to ease the blow when she actually saw it! (*insert huge grinning emoji here*!!).

Fast forward to this year, around February time, when I all I could think about was getting something new. I'd been planning some ideas and searching for an artist who worked in super-fine detail/lines for a while, eventually finding the perfect girl for the job, Remy, at a studio called Atlier Four, in Truro. This time I had not one, but two ideas; I'd always wanted a little crescent moon on my forearm, just something super simple (and the only visible one I had planned). The moon is a representation of feminism, spirituality, creativity, growth and dreaming big, so I was planning on getting this as an add-on to the larger piece I wanted (more on my moon later!).

The main piece I wanted was wildflowers, this time on my other ribs and much bigger than my first little gesture! Remy designed such a beautiful piece, and I couldn't be happier with it; the details are so intricate and fine, which is exactly what I had in mind. Pain wise: there were certain areas that were much more sensitive, but overall it was good! It took about two hours (including the moon tattoo, which didn't hurt one single bit!). The reason for the wild flowers, for me, were to represent my on-going struggle with mental health. Wild flowers are strong, even when they look weak, and they continue to survive even in the wildest of environments; they cling to life when the weather tries to knock them down and they always bloom anyway. I think they are the perfect metaphor for the cyclical nature of my mental health battle and I love this so much.

Moving on to the present day and I have in mind to have one little thing added to my moon tattoo, which is something botanical (but small) just underneath it. I want it to represent being grounded but looking to the sky, and I am currently pinning and sketching lots of ideas out so that, someday, I can get that added. I also fancy something below my glyphs too, but I'm not sure what yet.

As someone who wasn't a fan of getting tattoos I can say that I am converted! Either that or I am having a mid-life crisis... oh well! Do you have any body art? Let me know in the comments!


23 September 2018


^^ My gorgeous new mug from my friend Kat - it's from Tesco for those of you that are wondering! ^^

I feel like I need to let you know that I am typing this blog post up in pure luxury: permit me to set the scene... the house work has been done (to Monica standards of clean), cardio (cycling) has been done, shower and hair wash have been had and lunch has been eaten and, right now, I'm sat in bed with a hot water bottle with the Himalayan Salt lamp and fairy lights switched on for comfort (see, luxury typing environment!). The weather here is bloody terrible today; it hasn't stopped raining all day and even Gizmo has given up and come inside for a long sleep, so to sum up, we are all hibernating!

This week has passed by in somewhat of a blur of work (wedding bits and bobs and box sticking!), doctors appointments and trying to fit in everything I need to get sorted out before  I travel to my mum and dads for a couple of days (I'm painting their conservatory!). I will be in the car when this post goes up, as I am typing this on Saturday afternoon, so I will be near Exeter services by now I'm sure, where I will sit like Billy-No-Mates in the car, eating my pre-prepared lunch, before heading off again on the final leg of the journey to where they live. All in all it will take about five or so hours; I always enjoy a little road trip and have got my podcasts ready and even dug out an old iPod that I haven't turned on for years; I gave it a charge and will be listening to old playlists on the way!

This week hasn't been overly exciting in terms of variety, but here are my highlights:

:: On Wednesday I received a parcel through the post from the lovely Peta, who has sent me some gorgeous 'Bath Tea Bags' that smell divine! The package also came with a lovely note and some cute postcards as well as a pack of motivational/inspiration cards to pick from if you need a little lift during the day. It was such a surprise and I am ever so grateful! Thank you so much lovely lady.

::Whilst we are on the subject of gifts; I met my friend Kat on Friday for a catch up and she handed me a little pressie too (I have been super lucky this week!). I opened up to find a cute mug with my initial on it and I adore it; I cannot ever have enough mugs and this one is a 'proper' mug (it fits a mother load of tea in it!). Thank you Kat and also for the card too <3

:: I handed over the final bits of wedding work to the couple I have been working with recently. I hand-lettered several things for their wedding day, which is happening as I type this post up, and it was lovely to know that they were super happy with it all. I will hopefully be able to share some images soon as I am really pleased with how things turned out.

:: This will sound really pathetic, but I had a blood test this week and for the very first time in years, I managed to sit upright! I am a bit of a fainter with giving blood (apparently holding your breath doesn't work too well!) and the whole process is not helped by the fact that I usually get stabbed several times in both arms before the nurse gives up and takes it from my hand. The lovely nurse I had got it first time from my hand and I felt like the bravest soldier for remaining seated! Gold star for me please! (I know, pathetic right?!).

:: Due to the fact that all my work has involved sitting doing fairly repetative tasks this week, I decided that the greatest programme to watch would be Friends, so I got stuck right in to it again. I adore that show so much; it brings so much comfort and happy vibes, plus as I know it backwards I don't even have to look up to see what's happening!

:: The gorgeous crystal (Celestite) that I mentioned in last weeks post has been used within an inch of its life this week; I have used it to meditate with and really enjoyed how it feels to hold whilst I sit peacefully with it. I am so happy with it and really want to look into getting some more larger crystals over time as I feel they are much more beneficial to me. I also saw a really lovely clear quartz crystal with a little succulent plant on the top whilst looking on Pinterest and it was so cute!

:: If you saw my IG stories this week then you will know that the song I have had stuck in my head all week has been one called 'Baby Shark'. Haven't heard of it? You lucky, lucky human! If you want to get it stuck in your head for the rest of your living, breathing days head over here to watch it on YouTube! We discovered it last week whilst looking in the charts on iTunes, and pondered the reason for this childrens song being so high in the charts, before coming to the conclusion that it is actually far catchier than any of the rest of the charts (well, the vast majority is all auto-tuned rubbish isn't it?!). I have also realised I have no idea who any of these 'artists' are in the charts anymore and also, since I am having a rant, since when have songs been by *name band or artist here* and then have about five or six 'featuring' artists too? Just saying! (What happened to just 'Oasis' or 'Blur' or 'Take That'!). #oldlady

I'm going to have to leave it there for today! Hopefully life will get a little more interesting again soon and I will be back to longer lists for you guys! Also I am hoping to film my October Bullet Journal set up if I get a chance too. Have a great week! x

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