10 January 2018


This time last week, the first Wednesday of 2018, I did something I have never done before, a fast (I can almost hear my mum saying 'oh my God, you never told me this information'... no mum, because you would have freaked out!). 

I'll start by saying that I really don't agree with fasting for long periods of time for 'diet' reasons. 'So why did you do it' I hear you ask! Well, at risk of coming across like I've lost all my marbles, I did it because I was following my intuition and what I had come to me during a meditation. It is hard to describe how somethings appear in your head isn't it, but sometimes you just have to go with it. I can guarantee that one of the farthest things from my mind at any given time is going without food (I love food... too much!) but I had a feeling I should take a step back, to re-calibrate and reset, for my mind more than my body. I had this come to me more than once and, as I am trying to lean into my intuition more this year, I decided to listen. I must admit though, doing something drastic, just because you 'feel' it's what you are 'meant' to do is a bit... well, strange to some. If you are the type of person who is always getting 'signs' and things just popping into your head, then you will get it, but otherwise you may feel like it is all a little 'woo-woo', and that is fair enough.

Alongside the fast, I was feeling like I was meant to step back from the usual routine in general, which meant no gym (probably wise given I'd be running on empty anyway), and take some time to journal, read, nap if I needed and mediate a little more. So, I trusted the pull (well, my word of the year is 'trust' after all), hoped that I would get some kind of epiphany (!) and went for it, telling only a couple of people close to me; purely in-case I started to go a little insane! 

My plan was to have 48 hours of purely water or the (ever so yummy) mixture I have in the mornings of lemon, apple cider vinegar and honey and then do 24 hours on green juices and snack on fruit and veg. Don't judge me, it's just what I thought felt right. I am happy to say that the first day and a half went well. Thanks to having a little honey in some of my drinks, I felt pretty 'switched on', all things considered. After 36 hours I started to feel a bit rubbish but I kept on going and made it to the end of the two day mark fairly easily. I then made myself a green juice and decided I had got enough out of the 48 hours and really couldn't stomach another day of kermit-coloured beverages!

All that in mind, I guess you may want to know if I got anything out of it spiritually, seeing as that was kind of the point; I would say that I did. My journey into learning to quiet my mind during meditation is a new one, and learning to listen more to any messages that come through when I am in a more quiet and still state of mind is something I am consciously working on this year but, it has to be said that, being more present within any specific moment is not something I am good at. My mind is always jabbering on at a million miles an hour and so, when I had this urge to do the fast, part of what I felt I was meant to get from it was a stillness. It was almost like I was forced to slow down my thinking, purely through the lack of food reducing my cognitive ability, especially by day two. Towards the end of the second day I sat in several meditations and did a slow yoga practice, and it was at this point in the process that I seemed to get several thoughts pop into my head, which I later journalled about; I can share just one of the things with you here (but the other things were personal to be so I won't be sharing those).

One of the biggest things that came up for me was my relationship surrounding food. I have always had many issues with food and, whilst I have never experienced an eating disorder, I would certainly admit to it being a huge contributing factor to some of the mental health struggles I have had. Christmas time always messes up my mind because, like the rest of us, I like to indulge in (all) the treats, eating way too much and my portion sizes go crazy too. Aside from Christmas I do give myself a really hard time about food and it is something I have been trying to find a healthy balance with for many years. The fast seemed to come along as a reset, like I have already mentioned, but also just as a way of reminding me that I don't need food as an emotional comfort blanket, I don't gain anything, mentally and spiritually speaking, by eating big portions or not listening to my body tell me it's not hungry and then stuffing my face anyway. Having started counting macros again since the fast, I can honestly say that I have had a serious word with myself about food and am journalling several thoughts surrounding helping my mindset stay balanced, so I would say that I gained some insight by following what I felt I needed to do in terms of this specific subject.

All in all I am happy that I listened to my intuition as what I got out of the experience was certainly worth it for me. I think that consciously taking the time to plan out two whole days of meditation, writing and yoga helped me get through the time and also made me a little more aware of the importance of self-care too. If you guys have any helpful advice, recommendations or insights about fasting for spiritual reasons then do get in touch with me or leave me a comment below, I am honestly really keep to learn more and to find out what journeys people have been on with fasting and what gets discovered along the way.

7 January 2018


Happy Sunday from a very sunny (and chilly) Cornwall! Finally the clouds have cleared, the storms have ceased and we are back to blue skies again. It is proper winter weather right now, which I don't mind too much, apart from trying to warm up in the gym at silly o'clock in the morning! How are you guys?

I'm going to get straight into today's 'Weekly Gratitude' as there is quite the list of things!

:: To kick start 2018 I decided to make a little bit of time each day for short meditation and contemplation practice. About a month ago I got myself a copy of a book by Kyle Gray, called 'Raise Your Vibration: 111 Practices to Increase Your Spiritual Connection', which has 111 daily practices you can do to help you improve your spiritual awareness. This week I kick started those practices and have been really enjoying having one thing to focus on throughout the day. If you are into your angels/spiritual reading and information, then you should certainly check out Kyle Gray, he is a wonderful inspiration.

:: On the subject of meditation, the picture below is of Gizmo, splayed out on my hip during my half an hour meditation practice yesterday. She totally zonked out, keeping me nice and warm throughout the whole thing. I was then stuck until she woke up of course, which meant I was forced to take a nap! What a life!

:: I went to the gym on New Years Day and, although it was absolutely rammed with people, I managed to workout and not freak out! I am super grateful that I have such lovely gym-friends and that I am able to push through my anxieties a little more these days.

:: Speaking of working out, I seem to have another flare up from a deep muscle within my glute/hip; every now and then it just decides that it needs to let me know it is there and makes its presence felt by being sore for a while. Seeing as, these days, I try and have my sensible head on, I decided to take two whole days off training this week to rest my injury. On Thursday evening I felt like a nice drop of slow yoga would be just what the doctor ordered, so I had a spontaneous date with my favourite YouTube yoga lady, Adriene, from the awesome channel 'Yoga with Adriene'. If you fancy yoga, but have never found the time, then there is no excuse with Adrienes channel because she really has a session for everyone. The one I chose (actually, it jumped out at me!) was 'Cosy Yoga' and it was just what I needed in that moment. I put my yoga pants on and a giant jumper and went through the routine feeling super chilled out by the end. I love the way that Adriene teaches and, in the 'Cosy Yoga' episode, she is even joined by her cute dog, Benji!

:: Using a bit of my Christmas money I ordered two pairs of gym pants from Forever 21 and they arrived this week. Of all the gym wear I have, these specific leggings are my favourite (even when compared to more expensive brands). They are super comfortable, have lovely thick waist bands and wash beautifully. Better still, they are affordable (I also caught a 30% off active wear sale so they were even more of a bargain). The leggings I got, in-case you are interested are called the 'Active High Waisted Leggings' and I got some in red and in teal (the teal are my favourites!). For reference, I am a 12-14 and I get large as I find their sizes can come up small.

:: I came home from the gym one morning this week and had a little wander about the garden, just looking at the way the light was catching the frost and the dew drops on the leaves and plants. These quiet little moments are so wonderful.

:: I have felt so grateful for the people who have purchased my printable calendar recently. You guys need to know that it means the world to me that you are spending your money on something that I have created. I hope you are enjoying it! If you guys want to buy the calendar then just click right here to go to Leaf Lane Studio!

:: Thank you to everyone who gave me feedback this week on what size print you would prefer to buy. The results actually came back pretty evenly split between A4 and A5's, so I am going to mull it over a little longer but I think that, ultimately, there will be a mixture of sizes available (over time). I really appreciate every single person who took the time to vote on Instagram or leave me a comment or message. You are the best! (The print below will be heading into my shop in the next couple of weeks!).

:: On Friday, whilst mooching about on iTunes for a new, inspirational podcast to add to my list (of already way too many to keep up with!) I stumbled on Oprah Winfrey's SuperSoul Sunday podcast. I have to confess that I am not a huge Oprah fan; I don't really know why, but I just haven't ever been 'on board' with getting to know more about her but this week I found myself hooked to SuperSoul Sunday episodes and am now subscribed for more. On Friday I listened to the two part episode with Elizabeth Gilbert, who I love, and her voice alone just makes me feel content. It's one of those episodes where I was scribbling down quotes as I worked, because there was lots of juicy things to take away from it! Have a listen and let me know what you think!

:: I'm not a huge TV watcher (because I am always doing something else whilst a TV show is on) but I really enjoyed the new series on ITV this week, called 'Girlfriends', did anyone see it? I highly recommend you catch up with it and give it a go. It has those moments where something is super tragic, yet bloody funny at the same time!

:: On Thursday I took a drive over to St Just to go to the Kurt Jackson gallery. Some of you guys may know that Jackson is one of my favourite artists (I have many, but in terms of landscapes and seascapes he is way up there for me). I love how layered his work is and the fact that you can see so much of his process within the pieces. They had a couple of his sketchbooks on the first floor of the gallery too which, for me, are so much more interesting than the finished pieces of work. For once though, I actually had a good reason to visit the gallery, other than just because it makes me happy! I am about to embark on creating some original paintings for a lovely friend and I wanted to be inspired to paint landscapes again, because it has been a while; I am excited to get started!

:: Yesterday I decided to take an impromptu walk to take some pictures of the sunset; the sky was a perfect mixture of light clouds and clear, open sky and so off I went along the coast path that looks out to St Michael's Mount, and waited for the sun to dip. I adore sunsets, they make me emotional and put me in a contemplative mood. I just love how no two are the same and how the light softens everything around you and nature takes on a quiet, more magical atmosphere bathed in pink light. The sunsets here in Cornwall are absolutely gorgeous and I will never get bored of seeing them.

Thank you for stopping by and reading today's post, I always appreciate you taking the time to be here and value everyone who pops by! Feel free to say 'hi' in the comments, I would also love to know where abouts in our beautiful world you are! Let me know :-)


3 January 2018


Last week I listened to a Lori Harder 'Earn Your Happy' podcast episode, called 'How to move from interested to committed' and, whilst I am often inspired by things I listen to, this episode in particular really made me sit up and take notice. Within this short 'minisode' was just what I was needing to hear at that very moment and it was like my spirit just knocked on my brain and said 'right Lucy, pay attention to this please!' (do you get moments like that?).

Before I go into the reason why it jumped out at me, I should say this: over the last couple of months I have been feeling super anxious, unable to really get stuck into work or concentrate at all really. I have been utterly worn out mentally and feeling like all my 'reserves' are completely depleted. All of those feelings meant that my creative inspiration had all but dried up; I was getting so frustrated with myself for feeling the way I was and being unable to focus on anything but my anxiety. Having been forced to take a step back (by my body as well as it being the festive season) I started to feel a bit more 'myself' again and so, when I listened to the podcast, and heard Lori enthusiastically chatting about how to really 'up your game', I felt the timing was perfect for me to jump in and adsorb some inspiration again. 

In essence, what Lori is talking about is the difference between the language of being interested, verses that of being committed, for example, someone who is 'interested' in their goals will use language like '...someday I would like to...' or '...one day I may...'. ' She discusses that the language behind being 'interested' is often accompanied with excuses and obstacles; always leaving a way out as an option, rather than jumping right in. I think that, as adults, so many of us have the 'language of interested', especially around things that involve a lot of effort to achieve, such as health and fitness goals. We are often 'starting on Monday' and will try and find an excuse not to go to do some exercise, 'it's dark/cold/late/raining' etc. What makes it more silly is that we are then often surprised that we haven't achieved whatever the thing is we wanted.

In contrast, and much more positive in nature, is the language of committed. The language of committed is the 'I can' and 'I will' and is so much more solution based. Lori makes a point about how people who adopt the committed vocabulary will see any difficulties as lessons for self development and growth, rather than reasons to give something up, and that is certainly something I am on board with! She uses an analogy by Tony Robbins, saying that when you are committed it is like being on an island and 'burning all your boats', not leaving one safety net there, just hopping right on in fully. Is it scary, hell yes it is, but it gives us so much more doing things this way. 

I loved this podcast episode because it sums up the way I really want to be in all areas of my life; 100% all in and unafraid of facing new challenges. If I'm totally honest, towards the end of 2017, I did lose my way, often finding myself in the 'interested' camp of 'maybe later' and 'I'll do that tomorrow'. I was burnt out, tired and that made me a little lazy (something I very much strive to avoid being) but mostly I just felt overwhelmed and anxious so it was easier to do the things that I knew how to do and put off the things that are new or take a bit more effort. Thankfully those sorts of times are few and far between, but listening to the podcast made me realise where I was and where I wanted to be, even if it is a little scarier because, like Lori says '...if you want to be committed, you must be prepared to feel uncomfortable' and that is something that takes bravery.

What do you think guys? Where would you place yourselves right now: interested or committed? Check out the episode and tell me your thoughts in the comments.

31 December 2017


This is it lovely friends, the end of another year and this has really been the quickest year ever! I always remember my mum and dad saying to me that ever year you grow older, the faster time goes by (they still say it actually!) and they are very right. This year has felt like it has passed in a heartbeat and so much has happened, which I reflected on in my previous blog post about 'My Word for 2018' if you fancy a read!

Have you accomplished everything you hoped you would this year? If you have, then congratulations! If not, then just re-evaluate and keep on going. I have totally changed my perspective on reaching goals and have chosen to think that if something that isn't quite 'done' is not a failure, but simply something that I need to either take a good look at to see whether I really want to do it still, or sit with it for a bit and work out a new route to it.

I have been doing some real soul-searching recently and a lot of writing and planning out what I would like to achieve over the next twelve months. There are a lot of resources out there but I chose to combine a few questions and scribble down my thoughts in my bullet journal to see what came up. If you are interested in having a go at a bit of self-reflection, these are the questions I chose to ask myself...

1. What did I hope for this year and what did I accomplish?
2. How has this year affected me personally and professionally?
3. In what ways have I been surprised and encouraged this year?
4. Where do I feel like I have let myself down and what did I learn from it.
5. Have any of my values or beliefs shifted this year? How?
6. What fears have I overcome? Have I developed any new fears that I need to acknowledge?
7. How have I grown and what have I learned?

For me, those questions are enough to kick start a bit of a delve into what I am feeling for the new year. Let me know what you do or, if you have a go at those questions, how did you feel afterwards?

I kind of went off on a tangent there, sorry guys! Let's move on to this very last 'Weekly Gratitude' post of 2017!

:: This Christmas mum and dad travelled to Cornwall to spend a few days here for a change. My mum certainly knows how to bring a full Christmas experience with her; I don't think anything was left behind (apart from a couple of my dads bottles of red wine...oops!). It was a pretty relaxed one overall with lots of delicious food and my dad attempting to play games (always hilarious!). Thanks mum and dad for bringing Christmas to Cornwall and for the pressies too!

:: I was also super grateful to have Gizmo at home for Christmas because she has always had to go into a cattery for Christmas when we have been away. It was lovely to see my little bear sitting under the tree, chewing the branches, rather than not being around at all. She is one of the family so it feels right to have her there <3

:: As I mentioned in my little rant at the start of this post, I have been doing a ton of planning and reflecting over the last few weeks. One thing I have done, as part of that whole process, is put together a content planner for Leaf Lane Studio and From Lucy with Love. After attending a webinar by Janet Murray (from Soulful PR Podcast) I was able to sit down and plan almost a whole year of content ideas and I am currently working on expanding the first quarter of 2018 and get way ahead of myself. It feels so good to have set some time aside to do that!

:: My gorgeous friend, Helena, got me a beautiful feather ring for Christmas which I absolutely adore. That lady knows that my love for angels is huge and so bought me a ring to represent them and what they mean to me. Thank you Helena, love you lots xx

:: On Christmas Eve, in the Cornish 'mizzle', we ventured on a short walk around the village to look at all the Christmas lights. There were some pretty ones tucked away down some of the roads and it felt so festive walking past windows full of decorations, smelling wood-smoke or yummy food cooking away.

:: This morning I took a little wander around the garden to photograph some of the things I love about winter (the photos are in this post); the decaying plants and flowers as well as the ones that are thriving right now. It reminds me of the quote 'There is nothing in nature that blooms all year long. Don't expect yourself to either' which I love. I think we forget the importance of rest and recuperation sometimes, especially in the modern world as it is. For me, getting out in nature, even if it is just in the garden like this morning, it helps to slow my mind down.

:: Yesterday afternoon I was laying with Gizmo, recovering from a crappy migraine, when she rolled over on her back and let me touch her tummy for ages. I absolutely love moments like that, when she has all her little paws in the air and her eyes shut and just trusts me to stroke her tummy. Whenever I feel under the weather she is always there to help.

:: I should probably mention my new found gratitude for...(wait for it)...gin. Yep, gin. That is coming from Mrs 'I-don't-really-drink'. My dad poured me a gin and orange juice on Christmas Day and it was so delicious that my parents left the entire bottle behind just for me! I only really drink on special occasions and, as it is still the festive season, that amounts to a special occasion, so I shall be pouring myself a gin for New Years Eve, and I am sure I will sleep beautifully for it! For any of you that are gin and tonic drinkers, and are wondering 'why orange juice?!'... I don't like tonic. I think the gin and orange thing is quite old school these days but, hey, it tastes goooood!

:: I was super grateful that the gym I train at was open all over Christmas and, before you ask, yes, I was one of the 'nutters' who went on Christmas Day. It was actually super busy! I will also be there tomorrow, to ensure I hit 2018 as I mean to go on!

:: My last thing to add to the gratitude list for 2017 is a big 'thank you' to all of you guys for supporting my blog and my journey to setting up my business this year. All your comments, kind words of encouragement and emails really make the world of difference to me and I appreciate every single thing I receive from you. A few things have had to be sacrificed recently (vlogs for example) in order for other things to run smoothly but I am trying to get better at managing the things I have to do so, bear with me!

I wish all of you guys a wonderful New Year, if you are out on the town tonight then be super safe and if, like me, you will be curled up watching Harry Potter, trying to stay awake past 9pm (true story!) then just know that we have the best views of the fireworks on the TV and we will be all wrapped up warm in our jammies with a gin/cuppa! We win surely?! Rock 'n' roll forever!


27 December 2017


As we fly towards the end of the year, I wanted to talk to you a little about my word of the year for 2018, but before I dig into what my new word is going to be, I thought I would very quickly unpick 2017's word, which has been 'BOLD'. 

Before the year started I chose my word which, for those who are new around here, was the very first year I have chosen to have a 'word of the year', and I just tried to keep on reminding myself of what I had set my intention to; being bold, being less fearful and taking more chances. I wrote my word in the beginning of my 2017 Bullet Journal and set about the year with it in my mind and, I am happy to report that I really think it made a difference.

I guess it is a manifestation kind of thing isn't it; if you continue to tell yourself something over and over again that eventually it will come into fruition (which is why negative thoughts are so powerful and therefore so damaging!). I told myself that I was not afraid, that I was bold enough to step into my decisions and try new (and scary) things. It actually works and, whatever your thoughts on it, I am pleased with how my year turned out overall and I am excited to step into 2018 with my new word! More on that later.

First though, these are my bold steps of 2017...

As many of you will know, because I have been harping on about this for literally years on my blog, I have wanted to live in Cornwall since first visiting many, many years ago now. Sometimes in life there comes a point where you just have to think 'screw it' and jump, that meant quitting the job I'd been in for a long time and leaping into a whole new beginning. A pretty darn bold step if you ask me. Did I have fear? Hell yes, tons of it. Doing something like that, with an ongoing mental health issue, no job and no friends in a new place... terrifying! But, as you may know by now, I tend to push my limits big time, because I am not going to grow as a person otherwise!

Launching Leaf Lane Studio on 1st September this year was one of the boldest steps I have taken. This year has been the year of risks and now that it has launched I am really proud of the work I have put in. I am onto a whole other chapter of it now though because, as anyone knows who has actually launched a business, you think the hardest part is launching... wrong! The next chapter is about letting people know you exist, which is the hard part, but oh so worth it! PS: you can still get your paws on my 'Keep Shining Bright' downloadable print for free! Haven't got yours? Just click right here to see how to get yours (its super quick and easy by the way!).

As I said above, doing the move to Cornwall, quitting my job and starting the business was super full on, and would be for anyone, but keeping level headed and trying to handle overwhelm was something I managed to keep a pretty good check on through it all. For me, sometimes it isn't until I stop being busy that it hits me how much has been happening. I had moments of feeling isolated and overwhelmed for sure, but I think it was just about doing the things that make you happy when you feel those feelings approaching. Having a lot more space and nature around helped and being able to walk to the beach in under three minutes has certainly been a good thing!

This may sound like a really small thing to most people, but for me, finding a space to workout and feel comfortable, was a huge deal. Before moving to Cornwall, I already knew the gym I wanted to join but I also knew that it would push me way out of my comfort zone as well as pushing me more towards my goals too! I have now been a member for almost a year and I am so pleased I took the bold step to join the gym of my dreams, over something that felt safe, because now it does feel safe and I have made such wonderful friends there too.

Overall this year has totally embodied my word and I am proud of myself for that. I have done so many big things all in the space of twelve months and, now that I have gone through a year like this, I certainly need more of it, because it has made me develop, learn and grow so much, and that feels absolutely amazing.

When I was thinking about what my word was going to be for 2018, I took a while to narrow down my options, because I am at a very transitional point in my life. I was throwing around words like 'brave', then I thought if I go with that, it implies that I am not brave... so I scrapped that. I then thought of 'courageous' but it just wasn't sitting right and then, the other morning, the word I have chosen sprung into my mind and I honestly feel like it encompasses everything I will need for this year, which I will explain about in a moment, but first, here is my word for the year 2018.

For me, T R U S T is a great word for me going forward; it is about just knowing that I am putting in the effort and the work required and trusting that the universe will be guiding me and that it will deliver what is meant for me, and steer me away from what is not meant for me. It is a word that embodies so many things relevant to me right now. Sometimes I struggle to trust people and know that what they say to me is genuine (that is something that comes from way back in my twenties) and I know I have to let that go, so it is also about me acknowledging and trusting that I need to work on that side of my own behaviour too. But mostly it is about trying to cut down on the worrying side of things and trust in what I am called to do and also what I have to say. I have spent a lot of my years not feeling like what I want to do or say is valid or significant in any way; now is about letting go of the over thinking, the over analysing and the destructive comparison game, and trusting I am on my path. 

What do you guys think? Do you have a word of the year? If you haven't done it before, why not give it a go? Once you have your word, journal on it, look up podcasts or videos on your word, keep inspired and keep reminding yourself of the reason you have chosen it! Go with whatever feels right for you! Let me know what you think of this whole idea in the comments!

23 December 2017


Merry Christmas lovely people! I guess most of us are winding down for a bit now, in order to eat way too many chocolates and make slightly drunken fools of ourselves playing some strange Christmas game or other! At this time of year (because I have always found Christmas a little difficult), I try and remind myself of things that have made the year a good one. Last night I sat down with my notebook and just started to write down anything that made me happy this year or, in-fact, anything that makes me happy full stop. I highly recommend you do this; remember to look past the obvious things too and acknowledge all the small things that you are grateful for and, once you are done, just focus on those things, rather than the things that haven't quite gone to plan this year or didn't work out the way you thought because, ultimately, things do happen for a reason and so, as painful as they may have been, may they just weren't meant for you.

Before I get all deep and philosophical, here is my unedited list of 'happy'...

1. Holding hands with the one I love
2. Naps (especially post workout naps!)
3. Freshly washed sheets 
4. Feeling the sun on my skin when I feel tired
5. My lovely little gym family
6. Daffodils and scented narcissus
7. Cat videos
8. New sports wear
9. Tudor history
10. Painting
11. Seal spotting at Godrevy (or anywhere in-fact)
12. Bobble hats
13. Space documentaries 
14. Beautifully scented candles
15. Lazy baths listing to an audio-book or podcast
16. Stripy tops
17. Fresh berries
18. The gym (obviously!)
19. Star gazing late at night
20. The smell of woodsmoke
21. Watching Jeremy Kyle (I know, I know!)
22. Toast and butter
23. Angel cards/books
24. Coast path walks
25. Wild flowers
26. Romantic or philosophical quotes
27. The smell of pub food
28. Soaking my feet in warm water
29. Surprises
30. Watching something really funny and laughing until I cry!
31. Oversized jumpers and cosy clothes
32. Pinterest
33. The smell of Gizmos little paws
34. Guided meditations
35. Seeing the achievements of others
36. Watching Friends DVDs!
37. New notebooks and sketchbooks (art materials in general actually!)
38. Browsing around bookshops
39. Sunrises
40. Sunsets
41. Bring completely alone out in nature
42. Most Haunted
43. Cuddles
44. Podcasts
45. Animals
46. Talking to my lovely bestie Helena
47. Sitting in the lounge having a cup of tea in the early hours, when I can't sleep
48. Having my hair done
49. Seeing my work in magazines (still can't believe that has actually happened!)
50. Watching the sea (so calming and hypnotic)
51. National Trust properties
52. Fairy lights all year round
53. Getting a mini Christmas tree through the post
54. Listening to Bryan Adams (specifically my favourite song, 'Heaven')
55. Spotting dolphins playing in the bay
56. Finding my 'tribe' of friends on Instagram
57. The Eden Project
58. Having a few pounds to spend on make up
59. Visiting Lynmouth to see Helena and Rich in their B & B (so happy for you guys!)
60. Watching Gizmo run around the garden like a nutter
61. Watching the surfers (I must learn how to do that magic!)
62. Hearing the waves from the bedroom
63. Butterflies
64. Heavy sea mists rolling in out of nowhere
65. Smoothies
66. Mac lipsticks
67. The changing of the seasons
68. Seeing new shoots and leaves appearing
69. Bonfires
70. Kyle Gray books/videos/podcasts (he's an 'angel' guy for those who haven't heard of him!)
71. Watching 'The Notebook'
72. Bumbles bees
73. Kurt Jacksons gallery in St Just
74. Crystals
75. Malteasers and tea (but the malteasers MUST have been in the fridge first of course!)
76. Watching the birds in the garden (and feeding them too)
77. Cheesecake
78. Having my hair brushed
79. Having a day of no plans
80. Funny text messages from my friend CB
81. New pjamas
82. Green plants in the house
83. Seeing dogs playing on the beach
84. Victoria sponge
85. Loud, happy music
86. Walks around a garden centre
87. Mint ice cream
88. Planting bulbs in the garden
89. A glass of whisky
90. A good old browse in the WHSmiths magazine section
91. Doing 'high fives' with Gizmo
92. Watching a good conspiracy theory documentary
93. Fish n chips :-)
94. Having a super deep clean of the house
95. Browsing on Etsy at the amazing things by super talented people
96. Glittery nails
97. Paperchase
98. Old churches and cathedrals
99. Open fires
100. Road trips

There are so many things I could add to this but I literally wrote everything down as it came to me! If you do it let me know in the comments! :-)

17 December 2017


Happy Sunday once again (boy, these posts come around so fast!). How are you guys all doing? I hope you have had a wonderful week. Before I get cracking on this weeks list I just wanted to say a big thank you to those of you that reached out to me following Wednesdays post (which you can find right here if you haven't read it yet). It is normal for me to get far more private messages for posts like that then comments under the actual post, which is totally understandable, so thank you if you did contact me. I think I am going to create some easier way of finding some of the categories of posts that I write as some of you liked the fact that I linked old posts at the end of Wednesdays one, so I will work on making it far easier for you to find certain things in the near future.

Right then, let's jump into to the lovely stuff from this week!

:: There have been some pretty spectacular skies this week due to the variety of temperatures and weather coming in. On Friday (I think it was Friday!) there was a beautiful yellow-pink-grey sky which was so breathtaking to look at. It was swiftly followed by a huge amount of rain and hail but soon cleared again. One of my favourite things of living near the sea is watching the weather make its way in.

:: Walking on the beach at this time of year, when there is no one about but you, is truly wonderful. I love feeling the sea breeze in my face and smelling the fresh air. Being all cosy and wrapped up in my jumper and bobble hat and walking in along the sand is something that is pretty hard to beat to be honest. 

:: I have crazy friends. I am just going to throw that out there because I really do... they are as mad as several boxes of mad frogs, but I love them and, more importantly, I obviously fit in with them completely! The reason for telling you that is because, on Friday there was a knock at the door and a sweet man was standing there with a huge black bag containing some sort of surprise. He came in, opened the bag, telling me this was a special delivery and had to be up the right way before I opened it. All sorts of things were running through my mind whilst the bag was being cut open... flowers? A plant? A fruit basket? A horses head?! As the bag got pulled away and I saw what was sitting on the kitchen table I just started laughing and laughing... it was a huge balloon, with a large stuffed elf inside and lots of chocolates! It was simply the most random but fun gift ever! Thank you Kat, you lovely nut job!

:: I think I mentioned this last month, but I was recently contacted about visiting the seal sanctuary in Gweek, not far from home, and this week I received my tickets! I am super excited to go and see all the beautiful little guys they have there. Seals are so gorgeous and I think they have penguins and other things too that are rescued and rehabilitated. I promise you all a blog post on my visit as soon as I go!

:: On Thursday I listened to a webinar with Janet Murray, who I have mentioned several times on here. She hosts a podcast I love called 'Soulful PR' and this webinar was the second one I have done of hers. She always has such valuable content and I come away with notes and action points, not just inspiration, but actual, functional things I can put into action for my business. I highly recommend you listen to The Soulful PR Podcast if you have your own business, it is so, so good and it doesn't matter what industry you are in. It would also be useful if you are a blogger too. This morning I listened to the episode about building your email list and it was so very helpful!

:: Yesterday morning, as I sat drinking a delicious mug of hot water with lemon and apple cider  vinegar (it actually tastes much better then it sounds!), I was watching the cutest little bird hopping merrily about in the lavender and couldn't work out what it was at all. It was super teeny tiny with a yellow stripe on its head and bright green feathers on its wings too. After trawling the interwebs I discovered what it was... a Goldcrest! I haven't ever seen one but look how gorgeous... (photo credit under the picture as he was moving way too fast for me to take his photo!).

^^ The gorgeous Goldcrest - Image sourced from Garden Bird as the little guy in the garden was way too speedy for me to photograph! ^^

:: The final thing I wanted to mention was not necessarily something I was super grateful for this week, but it is something that made me laugh (and also took up way too much time too). I opened the door to Gizmo on Friday night and, as usual, she came trotting in. It wasn't until she got past me that i thought 'hang on a second... she is walking in a very cocky manner!'. Following her into the lounge I soon realised why she was looking so happy with herself, she had a little mouse in her mouth (uninjured, very small and very bloody fast!). She dropped said mouse, which sprinted for its life behind my desk, and I put Giz back in the garden to start 'operation rescue'. After over an hour of trying to catch the Usain Bolt of the mouse world and losing sight of it, I assumed it had made a hasty retreat into the fire place, where it would find a tiny hole to push through back into 'the wild'! How wrong I was. Fast forward almost exactly 24 hours as I walk through the kitchen door into the office space in the back of the house; as I make my way towards the room I see a flash of brown and a tail and realise that my mate is in the other end of the house now. 'Operation rescue #2' begins. The long and the short of it is the little blighter gave me the run around for another hour, hurdling wires, plugs and computers and darting in and out of every single place it could find before I finally cornered him in a Tupperware box! (Can I get a mini Mexican wave here?!). Having been crawling about on the floor for an hour, banging my head on the desk and catching my hair in wires, I not only looked like a total moron, but also had aged about ten years through the worry of giving the mouse a heart attack whilst actually trying to save him! I plodded outside in the rain, wearing just socks on my feet, and returned him to the spot by the gate where the mice live. What a night. But at least the little guy is free again, poor thing!

Thank you for making it to the end of this post guys! If you enjoyed it please let me know in the comments! I love hearing from you! Have an amazing week everyone xx

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