4 November 2019


I am sitting down to write this after a busy old day! I launched my new, mini-collection on Leaf Lane Studio this evening; it's called 'Floral Brights' and consists of a card, notepad and print, but there will be more to come for sure. I am super happy with it and can't wait to see some of you using the products in your homes too! I have so many ideas for Leaf Lane Studio and have to keep jotting things down because I know that I will get to every single one!

Let's get stuck into this weeks gratitude list!

:: This week was my last week at the hotel and, as it was so quiet, I had some bonus days off to paint! I was super grateful to stay snuggled in my office, with a coffee and Netflix and just lose hours painting (time always flies by when I am doing anything creative). I am happy with the progress of my pieces so far, as you can see from the picture, I have some work still to do, but you can see them coming together nicely! One is off to a new home for a Christmas gift and the other (which ever one isn't chosen by my beautiful client) will be available to buy! You will be able to tell me a quote, or whatever you would like really, and I will hand letter it in the centre for you! Make sure you are following my Leaf Lane Studio Instagram account for when that goes up for sale!

:: During the early hours of Saturday morning Cornwall was hit by the most severe wind and rain we have had for a long time. We had 80mph gusts and were woken by lashing rain and said gusts at 3am. As much as it is a tad scary to wonder what will be happening outside in weather like that, I was grateful to be cosy in bed, with Gizmo all cuddled up and safe too. There is something kind of nice about listening to storms when you are wrapped up in bed and hankfully there wasn't too much damage in our area, but driving to work the next day was interesting!

:: I wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who downloaded my free illustrations this week! They are still available to download, just click here, and you can make your phone or computer (or whatever device you like) all cosy for winter with my artwork or calendar! If you haven't seen what I am giving away, check out the pictures below! You will receive an email with the artwork ready to use, but please make sure you check your junk email if you aren't seeing the freebie, some providers file things straight in the junk box (little rascals!). I hope you love it!

:: I almost dread saying this, but I am loving that the Heart Radio Xmas channel has appeared on the radio again! I didn't think I would be into Christmas songs as much during the first week of November, but it turns out I am! 

:: I listened to a really lovely Lori Harder podcast episode this week (you know I love her stuff!) and she was talking about fear and how we need it in order to grow. She told this cute little story, which I will retell in my own way because I never remember things properly, it was about a glass bottle who saw bigger glass bottles that could hold more water than he could, and how he desperately wanted to become a bigger, more capable vessel. One day he stood in front of the ocean, dreaming about becoming a bottle that could hold vast amounts of fresh sea water; telling his friends about this they took him to a place to make his dream come true. As he stood in front of a big fire, where he saw other glass getting melted and reformed, he began to feel a rising panic; he didn't know what to expect, what was going to happen to him if he jumped in there? Taking a deep breath, and a leap of faith, he went inside... he finally emerged a bigger, even more capable version of himself, with more room to hold water, just like he had wanted, but he just had to go through a little fear in order to emerge as the bottle he wanted to be. How much do you love that story? It really touched me to my core, especially as I am currently feeling a lot of fear around money (seeing as I am no longer at the hotel for a bit) and know that I need to push through the unknown to make my business thrive. It really made me consider just how much we have to gain from being out of our comfort zones! Find the episode, Fear is Your Power, right here!

:: This coming week will be all about the house move and I need to start packing my studio up as much as I can. Gizmo will be going back into the cattery again, which I feel really guilty for, but I am grateful that she will be in there, because I cannot stand the thought of her running out an open door as we are moving or being let out of a room we are keeping her in by mistake. I am so looking forward to her being able to be outside again. The new house is so much safer for her and I am confident she will be so much happier. She has been inside since late August and has taken to sniffing the fresh air coming in at a vent down by the sofa in the lounge (this doesn't help my cat mum guilt!). Almost there now Gizmo!

That is it for this week; stick with me as we are move and things may be a tad all over the shop. I really will feel relieved to get back to being settled and in a proper routine again; I don't feel like anything normal has been happening for months now! See you soon!


31 October 2019


Happy Halloween! Today I have a cool little freebie for you guys!

I have created some cute, seasonal artwork for you to jazz up your devices, including this ^^ 'Stay Cosy' illustration and a November calendar too! Both illustrations come in landscape and portrait orientations so you can choose what you use them for!

All you need to do to grab yours is CLICK HERE and sign up to my Leaf Lane Studio Love Notes and you will get an email come right on back with your free downloads on! Woo-hoo! (Check your junk mail if you are not seeing your downloads).

Please do share a screenshot on Instagram and tag in @leaflanestudio and/or @fromlucywithloveblog too and I will share your image on my feed so we can spread the love of the freebies!

Enjoy your seasonal goodies and I will see you soon for another post!

PS: Keep your eyes peeled as I will be releasing my new 'Floral Brights' mini-collection really, really soon!


27 October 2019


^^ A slightly blurry, but equally pretty, double rainbow I captured this week! ^^

Welcome back to my weekly gratitude post! It's been a couple of weeks since I have popped one of these up for you guys; what with one thing and another happening, including being super poorly this week, it has been a bit hard to focus my brain box into writing anything at all, but I'll give it a go!

My new Studio Vlog (number 12!) has just gone live on my YouTube channel, and I have linked it below for you, I hope you enjoy it, please do subscribe if you haven't already, I am really (really) trying to to grow my channel (it is soooo hard!), so if you like what I am all about then please do come on over and hit the 'subscribe' button, I would really appreciate it. I also have a little update in the vlog, nothing super thrilling, but I just like to keep you guys in the loop! You can also see me working on my new Floral Brights collection too.

 ^^ Make sure you are following my Leaf Lane Studio Insta to see when my new collection comes out! ^^

Let's dive into todays list shall we?

:: This week I finally sat down and edited our Devon break pictures and put the footage together into a little video, have you seen it yet? Check out this blog post if you want to see what we got up to whilst we were away. The few days were super chilled, even though we did a lot, and went to a fair few places, we really had no set agenda and just went with what we felt like that morning. It was a well overdue break as we hadn't been anywhere since moving to Cornwall. Looking back on the footage and the pictures made me super grateful to have just said 'yes' to going and had the change of scene, even though it came at a really awkward time. I love Devon so much and definitely need to see more of it.

:: I don't know if you guys will know what I am talking about, but this week, fueled by my strange virus thing that showed up, I looked at my skin and just thought 'Sh*t, you are looking so dull'. I immediately jumped onto my 'church' (Boots) and had a scroll through their things (big mistake as always!). On Friday I received a little order of Vitamin C serum, a repeat purchase of my all time favourite oil cleanser and a couple of other things (next weeks Studio Vlog has a mini-haul for anyone who hasn't dozed off yet!). I have been making the effort to massage my oils and products into my skin and I think it already looks brighter for it (anyone who witnessed last nights Instagram story may have seen that I had a shiny old moon-face!).

:: I am loving all the autumn-ness (that's a word right?) right now. Stepping outside and smelling wood smoke, from log burners and open fires fills me with nostalgia and watching all the changes in nature taking place reminds me that we are very much on our way to fireworks and Christmas trees (although I am still in denial about the 'C' word due to what I tell you guys in the vlog this week... too many other things happening to worry or even think about Christmas!). I do adore Autumn though and hope that I can get out and snap a few more pictures of it before all the leaves drop.

:: Because the universe forced me to do absolutely nothing from late Tuesday onwards this week I actually found time to read (gasp!). I have had the Jen Sincero book 'You are a badass: How to stop doubting your greatness and start living an awesome life' for ages, but have never had a clear stretch of time to read it, but this week seemed like a great opportunity, so I got stuck in and, I have to say, I love this book! I am loving the no-nonsense approach to her writing, which is forcing me to rethink some of my ways and laugh out loud to the bits where I recognise myself fully (body shaming and imposter syndrome for example!). I am trying to make the effort to get into bed a little bit earlier now so I can continue to read this awesome book; the chapters are short, which means I am just about capable of staying awake for them!

:: Has anyone noticed how epic the sunsets have been recently? There is a timelapse of a particularly amazing one right at the end of the vlog (below) but they have just seemed so much more dramatic recently and the clouds have been getting seconds of gold, dusted underneath them, right before the sun finally slips below the horizon. Stunning.

:: Before this weeks lurgy took hold I managed to squeeze in a couple of dedicated 'painting days'; I have a commission that I really want to get finished before all hell breaks loose again (see vlog for details!). Actually guys, if you want to order any Christmas gifts, such as a cute 'initial' piece (pictured below) then pop over to my website and order yours asap! Click here to have a mooch on Leaf Lane Studio. The initials make cool additions to offices, gallery walls at home or kids bedrooms and, as you will read on my website, you can have any colour you want, but as standard they come in a deep blue/grey, but just email me if you want another colour and I will invoice you for the piece! I usually have a few of these to do for Christmas gifts so make sure you beat the rush as I will make them to order and it is first come, first served! Go, go, go!

I think I will leave it there for this week, but be sure to check back on Wednesday for another post, plus I have a freebie coming this week, which is guaranteed to jazz up your computer/device! Stay tuned! Have a great week guys!


25 October 2019


Welcome to my little Devon trip photo-diary! There are many photos here, plus a vlog right at the very bottom if you want to see more of this beautiful place!

We stayed at a little place called 'Start Bay Lookout', right on the cliff edge, by the village of Hallsands, which was sadly taken by the sea in the early 1900's. Hallsands was said to have been founded in the 1600's, but it wasn't until the late 1800's that it had built up into a thriving fishing village, with over 35 houses, a pub and a family-run fishing industry. The lookout point, right by the apartment that we stayed in, has a full timeline of events, telling the story of the village through to its destruction in the 1900's. When you stand on the lookout point, you get to witness the full scale of what occurred and are swiftly reminded at the power of the ocean. Head to my vlog below to see the view from the lookout.

I hope you enjoy these pictures, let me know in the comments if you have visited any of these places!

^^ Start Bay Lookout is a cute, seaside- themed apartment, full of sweet little trinkets ^^

^^ The coast path just outside the apartment, led down to this shingle beach ^^
^^ Seeing the rolling hills right by the sea was breathtaking ^^

^^ Our first full day was spent exploring Dartmouth ^^
^^ Dartmouth Castle ^^
^^ The pretty church at Dartmouth Castle ^^
^^ The castle-top views were pretty special ^^
^^ Walking the coast-path from the apartment to the lighthouse ^^
^^ Start Point Lighthouse ^^
^^ Overbecks, National Trust ^^
^^ This place has to be one of my most favourite National Trust house/gardens by far ^^

^^ How beautiful are the gardens here? ^^

^^ Rain coming in, but adding such beautiful contrast to the colours here ^^

^^ Hope Cove ^^

^^ Greenway, Agatha Christies holiday home - National Trust ^^

^^ The woodlands here were incredible ^^
^^ The hubby, wrapped up for an Antartic adventure as always! ^^


3 October 2019


Human kindness goes a long way, we all know this, but I honestly think it is something we are truly lacking in as we move more and more into an age where life exists at the end of a device (I am just as guilty of that by the way, so no preaching here!). Last week I was reminded in a rather abrupt way, how important it can be to have a little chat with a stranger and share your day, even in a small way.

Last Friday, I had a really bad day. If you watch my IG stories regularly, you will know about this, as I had quite a lot to talk about on Friday night! I won’t go into it, it is only business related things that were super frustrating and, in the scheme of the way our planet is right now, it really isn’t a big deal at all. What I wanted to talk about was something that happened that made the day so much brighter for me.

My stress levels were through the roof, and had been for over 24 hours whilst I was sorting something that was proving to be an issue with a particular piece of work, and having been out and about problem solving on my day off, I was tired, emotional and frustrated. I was desperate to get home, make a coffee and, in all honesty, crawl into bed and sob, when I had a ‘pull’ from the universe to stop at Costa and go inside for a coffee. This may not seem like anything strange, only I never go in; if I want something I use the drive thru, being the stressed out introvert I am sometimes! But that afternoon was different,  I ‘had’ to go in, so I did.

I walk in, grab a tasty wrap and head to the counter to be met by a lovely smiley face, thank God, because I wasn’t in the mood for grumpy (I was already flying that particular flag very well!). The girl behind the counter and I chat a bit about the day and, when she asks how my day is going I tell her ‘not so great, I’m bloody stressed right now!’. So we talk a bit more and she says this to me ‘... you know what, what you need is a bit of human to human kindness, your coffee is on me’. 

Needless to say I almost burst into tears, I did well up but held myself together until I got back to the car because a) I didn’t want her thinking I was a total loser and b) there was a couple right behind me that looked unable to cope with a blubbering, hormonal, stressed out woman!

The effect that amazingly kind gesture had on me lasted for days; she totally didn’t even have to talk to me, but she was happily chatting, we laughed and even spoke about Boris Johnson’s hair for some reason, and it was just a lovely little day-brightening moment. That little bit of kindness, by which I mean the conversation, topped off with her giving me a coffee, made me feel reconnected to other humans again, at a time where other humans had really let me down.

Think about it, how many times do you do what I do and choose the drive thru to get a coffee, rather than add just a couple of minutes to go inside. Who knows how many missed opportunities there have been. It could be something similar to what happened for me today or, but don’t forget this part, you could be the one who changes someone’s day, and that is so powerful isn’t it?

That girl, whoever she is, is probably at home, having a cuppa, thinking about what she is doing tomorrow, unaware that she made me rethink the kindness of the human race. If only she knew! I feel like starting a hashtag, which I will steal from Peta, who suggested this one #findcostagirl, but realised that would be a very sad and quite ridiculous thing to do, considering I could just go back in and say ‘hi, it’s me, the crazy stress head you gave a coffee to... I just want to say thanks for being an amazing human being’.

Anyway kids, the moral of this story is to never under estimate the power of a small, random act of kindness. Always consider others because someone may be having a shocking day, but you may be the one to change that for them. We can all do a little bit more and we should be doing more. We all need to be a little bit more like ‘Costa Girl’ or, just because I can’t talk about random acts of kindness without mentioning her, a bit more like Emily Coxhead, creator of The Happy Newspaper, who is in the habit of leaving happy, motivational and inspirational notes behind on tables, or tucked in books in bookshops (usually her own book these days!). If you want a happy human to follow online, the follow Emily on Insta, she is the most magical lady going!

30 September 2019


^^ A little experiment on brown paper that I kind of like! ^^

Another Sunday Monday (oops!) , another Weekly Gratitude post!

How was last week for you guys? Mine started off so well, with a couple of bonus days off work (as the hotel has quietened down) so I was able to get on with some painting that needed to be done, which felt really great, because I wasn't getting the extended time needed to just get through it. Unfortunately, it all went a little bit downhill from there but I shall not dwell!

Let’s jump on in!

:: As I have already mentioned above, I got some bonus days at home to spend on Leaf Lane Studio this week. On Wednesday, I was just about to leave the house when the hotel asked if I wanted to take the day off, ‘hell yes I do!’; I was super grateful because I just needed to get on with several things, but painting for my new collection was a top priority. Given that I normally only get snatched bits of time here and there, I threw myself into a full day of painting. It was raining outside and super foggy, and I felt so snuggly sat at my desk with a coffee, the iPad playing Netflix and my paint brush in hand. I got a lot done that day and on Thursday too, and I’m so grateful to have had that extended time!

:: On Tuesday, after work, I went to have another magical reiki session with the beautiful Kirsten over at Cornish Holistic Therapies. It’s my second sessions with Kirsten now, and I honestly could never do it justice in words as it makes me feel super relaxed and mellow and then full of energy the following day. If you are local, and are into holistic therapies then check them out, they offer a great variety of treatments and their new premises over in Hayle is so sweet too. 

:: I want to mention a random act of kindness that happened to me this week but, as I’ve dedicated a whole post to everything surrounding it, which goes up on Wednesday, I will leave this as a teaser! All I will say is that I am so grateful to the amazing human I met on Friday.

:: I caved in to an advert I had seen over and over again on Instagram for a gorgeous sky-blue, cable knit jumper from George at Asda this week. I have given Gizmo two of my favourite jumpers over the last twelve months, not because she loves wearing an over-sized sweater, but because she like sleeping on my over-sized sweater! She has taken over my wonderful grey knit from H & M and a jumper I’ve not had for too long, mostly because it was so fluffy it was a pain to wash, but because I love her so much I will let her stay snuggly and get something new for myself! At £14, my new jumper was a bargain, and definitely ticks my 'love of all things super baggy' box! I adore the colour of it too and can’t wait to wear it and feel all cosy. Shall we place bets at how long it is before Gizmo claims it as her own?

^^ A picture of me before my week took a nose dive into doom! ^^

:: Having has Gemma Atkinson’s book, The Ultimate Body Plan, for months now, I have finally started reading it and, what a bit of light relief it is for a health and fitness book. I want to make a few healthy changes in the next couple of weeks but I want none of those changes to include putting myself through the grief of getting on the scales each  and every week. Gemma is so down to earth and passionate about fitness but also knows, through various personal experiences throughout her life, how it feels it have to conform to what society thinks woman should look like, and so her book is really mental health friendly and the recipes are great too (the only part I’ve read before now!). I am finding that I want to set myself some goals again, as I really work so much better with goals, but I just need to find the right thing. For now though, as the hotel work rounds up, I want to spend a bit more time focused on finding a good balance of weight loss without stress and fear, and self love and body acceptance. This autumn/winter feels like it needs to be a bit of a self nurturing time and I certainly know I need to find a bit more balance.

:: Having realised how much I have given up in my routine recently (*waves to thank the burn out that caused it) I have been re-introducing nightly journaling and oracle card time again. I find it super relaxing before bed to sit quietly, reflect on the day and pull a card or two to support the writing I have done. It feels so nice to close my eyes, having emptied my head of anything that was rattling about, and have my oracle card filling the space behind my eyes instead, it gives me something peaceful to focus in on and I am so enjoying it.

:: Matilda, my office Monstera plant, has grown a new leaf! It is all curled up still but I think it is going to be a 'proper' Monstera leaf as the majority are full leaves, without the traditional shape! I am so excited to watch it open and see what it looks like! My succulents are doing so well too, the have grown lots of 'arms' of new succulents but I don't know what to do with them! Anyone have any clues? Do I snip them off and pot them on their own? Thoughts in the comments would be appreciated!

:: I am looking forward to letting you guys see the couple of new products that come from my recent painting time. I am not at the stage where I can do big collections, with many varieties of products yet, but I am happy to be ticking along and releasing what I can until I am more established! You have all been so wonderful at supporting Leaf Lane Studio and I hope to be able to do a giveaway really soon to say thank you! In the mean time, make sure you stay connected to my Leaf Lane Studio Instagram to see what is coming soon!

After Wednesdays post, there will be no posts for a week, as we are away, but I will be back all rested and ready to share some new things with you! I am working on a Studio Vlog too and will aim to get that up on my YouTube Channel this week, so there is something for you to watch whilst I am gone!

See you on Wednesday for a final post before we go away for a few days!
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